Assignment 1


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Assignment 1

  1. 1. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never{Documentary}
  2. 2. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never• This documentary is a film.• In this documentary there are a few footage filmed from ahandheld camera. E.G. when they used real footage.• The music used is either fromJustin’s own album or from him singing on tour. However, there are alot of sound bridging so the audience know thereason for the image or what it is.• In the documentary they also use a range of volume control to set amood to the audience, also making them feel like they’re in theaudience during the concert.(When showing pictures ofhim and his childhood)
  3. 3. • To make sure this documentary has a lot of realism in it, thedirector/producer used a load of range of real footage, as shownbelow:• This is so the audience can see that it is based on real facts as it’susing real footage of the artist.• The forms of using real footage in the documentary reinforces thestereotype of documentaries talking about the main topic/personby using real footage, pictures and real and true facts.• The form of having a sound bridging also reinforces thedocumentary, because it’s used in nearly all of the documentarysuch as, ‘Katie – The science of seeing again’, ‘EmbarrassingBodies’, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ and etc.