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i-genius Promotions offers social entrepreneurs and others committed to positive change a tailored social business marketing service and strategic consultancy with direct market access to help a business (both for and not-for profit) share their story and market their services and prodcuts.

The service is suitable for individual social entrepreneurs, social businesses, governments, corporations and NGOs committed to social change.

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i-genius promotions - social business marketing & strategic consultancy

  1. 1.  social business marketing & consultancy
  2. 2. every social business has a uniqueproduct, service and story to share, but few get the opportunity to market it well…
  3. 3. We believe i-genius Promotions, formerly known asEquator Media, with its talented in-house team combinedwith our network of media partners and talentedfreelancers, enable us to lead the way in providing groundbreaking campaigns.
  4. 4. i-genius Promotions =social marketing & strategic consultancy + direct market access
  5. 5. i-genius Promotions Services Social  Media  ! &   Community   Engagement   Media  &   Marke8ng   Strategic   Events   Training   Consultancy   Tradi8onal  &   Online   Marke8ng  
  6. 6. services outlineStrategic ConsultancyIdeas and project development & management, branding, partnership brokering, research &evaluationSocial MarketingIssues, campaigns, CSR, media partnerships, communicationsOnline MarketingFull suite of online marketing services – digital audits, SEO, SEM, adwords, viral etcTraditional MarketingMedia and public relations, strategy and executionSocial Media and Community EngagementDevelopment and management of social media campaigns eg on facebook, myspace etcMedia and Marketing TrainingIn all aspects of your marketing campaign enabling you to self-sustaining marketing exposureEventsSeminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, and summitsCreativeDesign, copywriting, web developmentYouth CampaignsYouth culture and engagement specialists
  7. 7. i-genius Promotions Case Studies
  8. 8. Health Education CPDs in Social Rome Health Awards Entrepreneurship We work with URAC as their An ambassador to Liverpool Hope media and marketing partner to University and partner in the new promote the international health and innovative Masters Accredited awards Certificates in Professional Development in Social EntrepreneurshipSustainability Ebco – sustainable building Environment Fit City – Sydney Challenge We work with Ebco to promote We worked with the Oxford Health their sustainable and Alliance to design a multi-media environmentally friendly building competition and youth forum pratice and raise their brand generating ideas in relation to awareness healthy urban landscapes
  9. 9. Equator Media Case StudiesPrevious work before Equator Media was merged into i-genius Promotions
  10. 10. Climate Change Channel 4 and GLA We worked with Channel 4 to produce content for the interactive walk-on aerial photo of London, which forms part of the visitor experience at City Hall.Content covered all 33 London boroughs to Green is the new black capture the distinctive cultures, diversity, ClimArt is a campaign and energy and heritage of each. national competition to invite the public to contribute ideas to combat climate change.
  11. 11. i-genius Promotions partners/clients
  12. 12. why is i-genius Promotions unique?•  i-genius Promotions takes your business to a new level of exposure by offering a tailored and strategic social marketing service•  This unique service combines all aspects of high quality marketing with direct access to audiences and customers, which includes the i-genius world community of social entrepreneurs in over 200 countries•  Focused on real tangible needs: branding, new customers and engagement, increased sales, investors, stakeholders•  Targeted audiences: communities, corporations, NGO’s, government, media across the globe•  The service is suitable for businesses (both for profit and non-profit) committed to social and environmental change•  i-genius prides itself in understanding diverse markets and cultural sensitivities
  13. 13. how i-genius Promotionscan benefit you…•  Strong brand identity and awareness with marketing strategy•  Better understanding and high exposure to target audience and customers•  Engagement with customers, stake holders and media•  Results that link to objectives•  Increased revenue and sales•  Enhanced attractiveness to investors and other funders•  Increased internal ‘know how’ in social marketing communications with training in order to maintain development•  Operate your business at the cutting edge of communication techniques
  14. 14. how it worksIn four simple steps:1)  Tell us what you want to achieve2)  Tell us your budget3)  We will discuss with you the options that best suit your objectives and finances4)  We both agree on a timescale and work plan
  15. 15. contact i-genius Promotions  Barry Crisp, Director, i-genius PromotionsE-mail: barry@i-genius.orgTommy Hutchinson, CEO & FounderE-mail: tommy@i-genius.orgWeb: www.i-geniuspromotions.comTel: +44 (0)207 690 82 32