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Analysis of digi pack


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Analysis of digi pack

  1. 1. Analysis of Digi pack
  2. 2.  I created a digi pack for our artist ‘Sanaa’. This is the finished product.
  3. 3. CD COVER ANALYSIS Use of black and white filter to make our artists hair stand out. The reason I decided to add a black and white filter to this cover was because I wanted to highlight ‘Sanaa’s’ hair as this is our artists motif and unique selling point. Use of a big bold graffiti font to showcase the fact that our artist is urban, to attract urban and young audiences. I also decided this should be the font that our artist’s name should be written in as it is bold and memorable. I decide to use this font because I thought it was very urban looking and would appeal tour target audience. Also, I put this in a black font so it contrasts with the font in which our artists name is written. I thought this would make it look more appealing and unique.
  4. 4. CD POSTER AD. I decided to put the picture of the cd cover on the side of the poster and enlarge it to make it look more creative and appealing. Both the fonts of artist’s name and album name, again in two different colours.