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  • [DEV, TDM][High level overview of enable more natural user interaction]New methods of desktop integration put application functionality right at the user’s fingertips, and Windows Explorer and Libraries provide easy access to high-value information. The Scenic Ribbon control and animation framework make it easier to build interactive and appealing user interfaces. New touch APIs enable natural interactions through multi-touch and finger-panning, and manipulation and inertia APIs enable impressive visual effects. Fosters natural user interaction Multi touch, ink and gesture support along with handwriting recognition allow you to create exciting new input capabilities.New taskbar, destinations and shell integration enhance discoverability and usabilityNew controls and APIs for the Ribbon allow easy additions for Ribbon-style controls, menus, and galleries to your application.An animation framework helps you enhance custom animations.
  • [TDM, DEV][Why - Windows 7 explorer overview] - The new windows explorerOver 400M people use Windows Explorer to find and organize their digital content the explorer is more focused around storage..navigation only shows locations that you care about…its cleaner we’ve improved search relevance algorithms, added tools like search tips and one-click previews that make it easier to find that file…no matter where you put it we’ve made major investments in new powerful features…libraries and federated search…without making you learn a new UI. This is seamess.Cleaner – Navigation is intuitive and optimized around storage; less overall clutterEasier – Improved relevance, search tips and easy previews make searching and browsing easierSeamless – Libraries and federated search offer incredible power without learning a new UI we’ll get to this in more detail in the demos show the power and flexibility that we’ve added same familiar explorer rather than redesigning the whole explorer…we’ve focused on performance and the basics…it’s just better
  • StartSearchRecent FilesLibraries[TDM, DEV][Why - Windows 7 Libraries overview]People want rich and custom visualization of their files, regardless of how it is stored in foldersPeople store data all over the computer54% of digital content (documents, pictures, music, etc.) lives outside of the user profileMost users do bothLibraries are destinations where users can find and organize their data as collections of items that may span multiple location libraries offer rich pivots of your data. look at this, these aren't folders, we’re looking at a rich metadata backed view of all of my albums. Just as performant and useful as my folder view I don’t keep all my files in the ‘my music folder’ so check this out. This library is the aggregate of all the folders I care about. External drive, second partition.
  • StartSearchRecent FilesLibraries
  • [DEV, TDM][High level overview of Why Multi Touch]Multi-touch offers clear differentiation with a high “WOW” factor for consumersMulti-touch enhances on-the-go use and opens up new scenarios for business90% of people in focus groups claimed they would pay a 20-30% premium for a PC with multi-touchSeeing is believing: Consumer purchase intent doubles after hands-on experience
  • [TDM, DEV][Why - Windows 7 Ribbon Platform overview]
  • Demo Win7 Image FolderPaint[TDM, DEV][What- Windows 7 Ribbon Platform overview]The Ribbon – a very successful concept from Office 2007 has become a first class citizen in Windows 7 and it is evolved into a developer platform. Many developers asked us to enable ease access to the office Ribbon. So in Windows 7 we have created the Ribbon which will also be redistributed available to Windows VistaIt is a Win 32 native COM base APIAnd it has a very close functionality to the office Ribbon
  • Aero PeekAlt TabWin TabAero SnapAero ShakeShow Desktop[TDM, DEV][Why - Windows 7 Taskbar overview]Quick and easy launch of applicationsIt is easy to get to the programs and destinations you use all the time, with less mouse movement and fewer clicks.Accessing commonly used programs within a single click required us to enrich Quick Launch by increasing its presence on the taskbar and making more top-level room for pinned items. We began looking into how Quick Launch interacted with the taskband and how launching and switching were sometimes separate and other times duplicative. For example, almost all single-instance programs in Windows interpret an attempt to re-launch them as a switch if they are already running. So, clicking Outlook’s icon in Quick Launch would merely switch to the program if it was already running and present in the taskband. To make room for more items on the taskbar, we knew we had to remove some of the redundancy and free up valuable real-estate.Easier to managed windows You can switch to the right window quickly without mistakes and effortlessly position windows the way you want them. This goal spoke to the very heart of the taskbar—the ability to switch between windows. This challenged us with seeking a more predictable method of surfacing windows on the taskbar, meaningful use of text and a reliable method of helping people consistently switch with confidence. We’ve had text on the taskbar for years and Vista introduced thumbnails, but customer feedback informed us that there was room for improvement. Interestingly, we found inspiration in old features such as Windows XP’s window grouping and Alt-Tab’s visual layout of individual windowsThe user is in controlThe desktop reflects your style. You get to personalize the experience, choosing what is important to you, including how and when you receive notifications.By far the biggest target of feedback, the Notification Area had to put control back in the hands of people. It was decided that instead of the opt-out model that required the person to clean up this area, we would start with a clean experience. Only system icons would appear by default and then people can to customize this area to their liking.Clean and LightweightThe desktop experience feels organized, lightweight, open and is a pleasure to use. Visuals and animations are delighters the first time and every time. A successful product is more than the utility it serves—it is also an experience. From the very start we wanted the taskbar, and the desktop as a whole, to draw an emotional response from the person. This required a set of scoped delighters that demoed well and retained their appeal over time. We began to define a personality for the UI using terms such as “glass and energy,” Chi, authenticity and many others. These investigations helped define a visual and animation language that we could then apply to several aspects of Windows 7.
  • [TDM, DEV]The troubleshooting wizard provides a consistent experience across troubleshooting packs, communicating with the troubleshooting engine to troubleshoot and resolve problems that are specified in a troubleshooting pack. Execution of a troubleshooting pack can also be controlled through a set of PowerShellcommandlets.The Troubleshooting Platform seamlessly integrates with the Windows 7 PC Solution Center, enabling other applications to execute diagnostics in a similar manner as part of their PC management regimen. The Troubleshooting Platform is configurable by IT professionals through Group Policy for use within the enterprise, and a Windows Troubleshooting Toolkit that allows developers to author troubleshooting packs is also availabl
  • Windows 7 Overview

    1. 1. Chay Mondejar-Saputil<br />Windows Desktop Experience<br /><br />Twitter @_chimes_<br />
    2. 2.
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    5. 5. What fuelled Windows 7<br />Engineering Excellence<br />Developer Input<br />Customer Input<br />
    6. 6. A Quick Look at theUser Interface<br />
    7. 7. Enable RicherApplication Experiences<br />
    8. 8. More Natural User Interaction Overview<br />Multi-touch, Ink, Speech<br />Jump Lists<br />Ribbon User Interface<br />Libraries<br />
    9. 9. Windows ExplorerLibraries<br />
    10. 10. Windows 7 "New" Explorer<br />Powerful Instant Search<br />Arrangement Views<br />Federated Search<br />Libraries<br />Easy Previews<br />Cleanernavigation<br />Rich Metadata<br />
    11. 11. Libraries – Data Aggregation<br />“ Libraries are destinations where users can find and organize their data as collections of items that may span multiple locations “<br />
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Multi-Touch Is Here<br />Consumers<br />Proven successful Touch interfaces<br />Multi-touch offers clear differentiation with a high “WOW” factor for consumers<br />Multi-touch enhances on-the-go use and enable new scenarios <br />Hardware<br />Multi-touch capable machines in market today<br />Multi-touch appears in a broad set of form factors<br />
    14. 14. Windows Ribbon<br />
    15. 15. Windows (Scenic) Ribbon<br />Proven and very successful UX concept<br />Improve usability and discoverability <br />Increase user productivity<br />Improve developer productivity<br />Based on common architectural <br />Eliminate much of Win32 UI development<br />
    16. 16. Windows Ribbon<br />Application Menu<br />Help<br />Contextual Tab Set<br />Tab<br />Quick Access Toolbar<br />Contextual Tab<br />In-box with Windows 7, redistribution available to Vista<br />Win32 API, <br />Feature parity (or close) with Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon, and WPF Ribbon<br />Dialog Launcher<br />Group (aka “Chunk”)<br />
    17. 17. Windows 7 Taskbar<br />Enhanced user experience<br />Quick and easy launch of applications<br />Easier to managed windows <br />The user is in control<br />Clean and Lightweight<br />Standard Windows UX guidelines<br />All of Microsoft’s products<br />Enhanced Taskbar, Jump Lists <br />Thumbnail Toolbars <br />Custom Switchers, Icons<br />Overlay Icons, Progress Bars<br />
    18. 18. Action Center<br />The Troubleshooting Platform seamlessly integrates with the Windows 7 PC Solution Center <br />Troubleshoot wizard<br />Troubleshoot engine <br />Troubleshoot pack<br />
    19. 19. My Favorites ++ :)<br />Bitlocker to Go<br />Problem Steps Recorder<br />Your very own WifiHotspot<br />Resource Monitor<br />Calculator<br />Sticky Notes<br />
    20. 20. windows7ako MeetupSept 30, 2010<br />
    21. 21. THANK YOU!<br /><br />Twitter @_chimes_<br />