Leveraging mobile & wireless technology for Law and Order


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Leveraging Mobile & Wireless Technology for Law and Order by Lishoy Bhaskar at c0c0n - International Cyber Security and Policing Conference http://is-ra.org/c0c0n/speakers.html

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Leveraging mobile & wireless technology for Law and Order

  1. 1. Leveraging Mobile &Wireless Technology for law and order
  2. 2. Sneak peek into the gadgetsused for law and order today… • Wireless Set • TETRA Radio • GPS Navigation • GPS Receiver • e-Beat (RFID Reader) • Audio Recorder • Digital Camera • Video Camera • Mobile Phone • e-Chalan
  3. 3. Functionalities…• Data and voice connectivity• Voice/video/photo capture• GPS Navigation and Tracking• Real time reporting• Running custom applications
  4. 4. Limitations• Radio/Phone communication can be tapped• Security is compromised• No internet connectivity for most devices – No structured storage – Lack of transparency• Multivendor-Multiplatform – Maintenance and support issues – Not platform and device agonistic• COST
  5. 5. 2-2.5 Lakh
  6. 6. SOLUTION….Multi utility devices such as phone, PDA Tablet with customized applications
  7. 7. Customized applicationSMART COP
  8. 8. CHOOSE YOUR DEVICE!!!• Smart Phone• PDA• Tablet• These devices cannot be used in harsh environments.• Gets phased out every six months• No long term support
  9. 9. Suggested DEVICES Specially designed Devices• Scalable Hardware• Rugged• 3G/4G enabled• Platform and device agonistic• Build on open standards• Long term support• Cost is 1/10th
  10. 10. Capture and share incidents Use maps for and Photos video, audio Navigation Connect with your closestPolice Station/ Police VehiclesGenerate chalans and connect to the chalan server Record beat track using the hybrid vehicle tracker Record beat track using Establish Voice/Video calls the hybrid vehicle tracker with officers in the same network/control room Secured/encrypted radio transmission Live video Streaming to police network across state
  11. 11. Other Technologies• Encrypted Phone• Push To Talk (PPT)• Voice Biometrics
  12. 12. Encrypted Phones• Phone communication can be tapped
  13. 13. Encrypted Phones• Voice to Data• Data is encrypted• Send over GSM/CDMA network• Received at other end• Same process reversed
  14. 14. Types of Encryption• Software – Installed in the phone – Does the conversion and encryption• Hardware – micro SD card – Inserted into micro SD slot
  15. 15. Push To Talk• Push to Talk permits users to use their phone as a walkie-talkie• Unlimited range• One to many communication
  16. 16. PTT basic architectureEncrypted Cloud server
  17. 17. PTT features• Instant calls to individual and pre- determined groups at the push of a button• Quick ad-hoc group calling• Call me alert-to another PTT user• Convert PTT calls to full-duplex conversation• Presence and availability
  18. 18. Voice Biometrics• Used for identification and authentication• Used by Law enforcement agencies globally• Technology- far superior compared to finger prints• Intercept callers, Identify languages, dialects and Gender• Speech to text applications may be used Police departmentfor administration• Speech to text are currently used by Supreme court andHigh courts in India
  19. 19. Road Map for Voice Biometrics• Create voice samples of criminals across the country• Deploy intelligent Voice/call interceptors• It takes just 60 seconds to create a voice identity of a person• Voice biometric is based on intelligent algorithms which cannot beduped• Voice interception made easier Physical and behavioral factors combine to produce unique voice patterns for every individual.
  20. 20. Speaker Language Gender KeywordIdentification Recognition Detection Spotting
  21. 21. SolvedProblem biometric • Finding if an unknown voice database sample belongs to of voiceprints a known target Organized Kidnappers Criminals Drug Terrorists Traffickers Police Criminal Record Police Criminal Re
  22. 22. Key Benefits & Applications Equip security personnel with real- Stop known terrorists and criminals time in-field criminal & terrorist from entering the country. Identify Prevent individuals by their voice, which is identification capabilities so that Border Crimes & unique to every person, countering they can apprehend individuals of Terrorist Control forged passports and altered interest before they can act Activity appearances Speed up investigations by Identify criminals by their voice, as automatically identifying individuals captured over the phone throughConnect the of interest based on who they are, Criminal lawful interception or recorded at a Dots who they are speaking with or what crime scene. Ensure prosecution with Investigation Quickly they are saying voice biometric evidence Deliver compelling evidence in court Equip your in-field officials with the by submitting voice biometric capability to accurately and quickly Support identification of accused criminals In-Field identify individuals they have Successful and terrorists Identification intercepted via their mobile deviceProsecution
  23. 23. Key Features Mobility Enabled Transform in-field officials into mobile audio Thousands of collection agents to Voiceprint Matches capture conversations per Second within theirHyper-Accurate vicinity, extending the Nuance Monitor deliversIdentification the scale and speed reach of audio monitoringNuance Monitor utilizes required for a country- beyond communicationstate-of the art i-Vector wide voice biometric networks and selectspeaker identification system, capable of rapidly public places. Nuancetechnology, delivering and accurately identifying Mobile Monitor is a fullyunrivaled accuracy on known individuals and embedded andtext-independent voice flagging conversations of continuously synchronizedverifications, ensuring interest. mobile monitoring tool.your staff doesn’t wastetime with false alarms orlet a known terrorist orcriminal avoid detection.
  24. 24. THANK YOU!!!