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  1. 1. Marketing Planfor MILO Ma. Annellie Laynes Yu Moraño
  2. 2. I. Statement of Marketing GoalMilo is not showing up with its marketing activities andmarketing strategies in the market of Lahore. These daysmany people are unaware of what is Milo? There isstagnant growth in sales of Milo showing less awarenessabout the product and low variety available to customers.Following are main objectives to launch Milo, •Create awareness in the people about the product •To differentiate Milo from other energy drinksthrough proper advertisement and promotion •To use sales promotions and other pricing tacticsto cater customers to enhance customer volume. •To provide wide variety to the customers that theyuse it in their daily life in many forms
  3. 3. II. Current Marketing Situation A. Milo is a niche leader• Milo’s strategy is to capture and dominate the niche market of 3-13 yrs old future champions.• It benefits from the huge distribution leverage of Nestle.• Has an excellent, premium priced, excellent product distributed nationwide.• Has an active and excellent campaign towards sports that entices the youth.
  4. 4. III. Target Market SegmentsA. MILO primary target market(PTM) are the ‘future champions”1. Demographics (3 – 13 years old, M/F, ABC, single)2. Lifestyle (study, plays sports, into competitions, interested in an active lifestyle)3. Behavior (20g, at least once a day, daily, strong, healthy)
  5. 5. B. Why Selected?Future champions…1. Need to get nutritious drinks, to belong (social), Self-Esteem, Self actualization2. Choose Milo over other chocolate drink becauseof its… brand, taste, packaging, nutritional facts,credibility & awareness of company, promos,endorsers3. Expect these when they use Milohealthier mind and body, active lifestyle, becomefuture champions,
  6. 6. I am complete when I have succeeded and become a champion in my life I am proud when I accomplish things I need to belongI need a nutritious drink
  7. 7. IV. SWOT Analysis1. Strengths :• Brand itself• Product Quality • It is available in• Focusing only on different sizes, shapes chocolate energy food and type. drink • Value for money• Unique selling point. • Widely available• Big sales in other • Strong association with countries. children and sports• Part of Nestle (reputation) funds available for re-launch.
  8. 8. IV. SWOT Analysis 3. Opportunities :• Increased media available (Mobiles/internet)• Increased fitness industry• Increase awareness of health and fitness• Sponsorship (through sporting events)• Increase more market share• Is distributed nationwide by Nestle• Pick-up by customers• Cash and credit transaction
  9. 9. IV. SWOT Analysis2. Weaknesses : • Not enough diversity in flavors • Not enough investment in Milo • Packaging (design of tin + labeling)
  10. 10. IV. SWOT Analysis4. Threats :Milo has many formidable competitors• Direct: Ovaltine, Chocquick, Rich-O 3-in-1, Sustagen Chocolate• Indirect: Ready-To-Drink chocolate, milk (powdered & fresh), energy drinks• Competitors (hot chocolate, energy drinks)• Well known successful brands as competitors• Competitors could use aggressive marketing tactics cut prices/increase promotion• Competitors bring out similar products• Competitors have diversity in packaging (bottles, pouches, cans, etc
  11. 11. V. A. ObjectivesMilo is the only chocolate drink productthat… - actively supports sports events - encourages an active andcompetitive lifestyle - promotes excellence, competition,camaraderie and social awareness to theyouthOthers merely focus on providingnutritional chocolate drink to the youth.
  12. 12. VI. Marketing Strategies Milo’s Product Design
  13. 13. Milo’s Product Description• Milo is a powdered chocolate drink that is made from malted barley combined with other ingredients to provide a source of energy for active bodies.• 2 Variants – Milo and Milo 3-in-1• Only comes in chocolate flavor• It is available in 6 sizes – 20g, 26g, 200g, 300g, 600g, and 1,000g
  14. 14. Milo’s Product FeaturesRight balance in nutrition• Milo provides energy (calories). These calories come from thedifferentIngredients of Milo, mainly malt extract, skimmed milk,palm oil and sugar• If consumed moderately, as part of a balanced diet, Miloprovides the energy required for an active lifestyle and will notbe fattening.• Milo powder is nutritionally balanced providing the right ratioof protein,carbohydrates and fats.• The 6 basic classes of nutrients in food are: carbohydrate, fats,protein, vitamins, minerals and water! A mug of Milo of drinkcontains these nutrients.• Protein is one of the macronutrients (along with carbohydrateand fats) that is important to build and repair body tissue.
  15. 15. Milo’s Market Penetration Price – Milo is 13% premium priceMilo 20g (12pcs) – P52.65 (~P4.39/pc)Milo 26g – P7.80Milo 200g – P43.30Milo 300g – P62.00Milo 600g – P121.00Milo 1,000g – P195.80Milo’s price is almost at par with Ovaltine’sand is about 28% higher than Chocquickand 11% higher than Rich-O.
  16. 16. VII. MonitoringTechniques/Action Programs One of Milo’s Programs are theirPromos. They also uses TV, radio, prints,internet/social networks and events. Through this Programs they canmonitor their popularity of their product.For example If they have events like funrun if a lot of people join they can saythat they have their patronizers.
  17. 17. Promos, Events, TVC’s, Online Advertising
  18. 18. IX. BudgetPowder chocolate drink consumption 1. As of 2009, estimated population is 92,226,600 --- 35.2% are 0-14 years old 2. Assuming 1/4 of them will drink 1 glass a day (20g/day w/c costs P4.3875) 3. (92,226,600/4) x 35.2% x 4.3875 =35 Billion
  19. 19. B. Controls According to research, the powderedchocolate drink market is about P6 Billion
  20. 20. IX. Recommendations:• Since Milo is has the biggest part of the market share, it should continue it’s strong marketing campaign.• They could expand their market by offering a new flavor to cater it’s market’s different taste/preference.• They should continue taking advantage of the events and social networking sites that help them promote their product.