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“Starting out with Data” by Dave Pier, Product Manager at Skyscanner ✈️


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Data is hugely important for product development. It’s easy to collect and, quite frankly, it looks great. 

However like every tool, if used incorrectly, it can do more harm than good. 

In this presentation, David shares experiments, mistakes, and lessons learned from his experience at Skyscanner, the travel search giant & one of the few European startups valued over $1B.

David Pier is a senior product manager at Skyscanner who loves the hard problems in travel. In a previous life, David was a cell biology scientist where he cut his teeth in experimentation. 

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“Starting out with Data” by Dave Pier, Product Manager at Skyscanner ✈️

  1. 1. Starting out with data @drdavidpier
  2. 2. 13 Years ago
  3. 3. - Founded in 2003 - Over 800 employees - 10 offices - 60m UMVs - 50m app downloads - 30 languages
  4. 4. We like data
  5. 5. Why get started with data? - Make better decisions - Objective decision making - Measure what users do rather than what they say they do - Find problem areas in your product - Understand your traffic HH HIghest Paid Persons Opinion
  6. 6. TDV - hippo
  7. 7. TDV - hippo
  8. 8. False Negatives
  9. 9. False Positives
  10. 10. Data is systematically biased
  11. 11. Quantitative data is not a substitute for qualitative insight
  12. 12. Defaulting to hotels • 20% increase travellers booking flights and a hotel • Negligible impact on flights metrics
  13. 13. “Please stop defaulting me to Hotels I’m here for flights!!” “I do find it quite annoying because when I look for Skyscanner what I want to search for is flights, not hotels.”
  14. 14. All data has assumptions
  15. 15. Non-airport city search - Obvious problem - Complex build - Small use case - Problem not seen in our data
  16. 16. “Rubbish instrumentation implies experienced guess is better than data led...”
  17. 17. Thankyou @drdavidpier