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Tackle challenges of fast growth by Alexandre Prot


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Serial Entrepreneur Alexandre Prot is an angel investor for IoT, Fintech and SaaS companies, as well as the CEO and co-founder of Qonto – Frances leading neobank for freelancers, startups and SMEs.

After graduating from HEC Paris and INSEAD, Alex started his career in investment banking with Goldman Sachs and McKinsey & Company. In 2011, he founded Wimdu, an online marketplace for short-term rentals and private homes. In 2013, he founded, the first connected electronic cigarette. A Fortune 500 company acquired the young IoT venture after only two years.

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Tackle challenges of fast growth by Alexandre Prot

  1. 1. Tackling the new challenges of your fast growing company most effectively Takeaways from Qonto story Alex Prot (co-founder and CEO)
  2. 2. 120+ employees 25.000+ companies using Qonto 4.7+ Average rating (app stores & Facebook) Qonto Key figures €32m raised with Valar Ventures, Alven Capital and the European Investment Bank
  3. 3. Why Qonto Much better than a bank! Faster 100% online, signup in 5 minutes Cheaper Everyday banking fees down by 50% Simpler Mobile, real-time notifications Smoother UX/UI focused on B2B, for self-service Collaborative Natively designed for teams Integrated With the best Fintech and SaaS
  4. 4. Entrepreneurs love Qonto... … and they talk about it!
  5. 5. Two founders Steve Anavi President Alexandre Prot CEO How we split our tasks Business Banking Acquisition Marketing PR Sales Tech Product Tech Team management Design Brand Operations
  6. 6. Our timeline From the idea to 25,000 SME clients European expansion Own Core Banking System120 (team) 2019
  7. 7. Qonto in 2016 Getting started
  8. 8. Qonto in 2016 Getting started
  9. 9. Qonto in 2016 Getting started
  10. 10. Qonto in 2016 Getting started
  11. 11. 1. Focus on what the MVP should be 2. Only listen to real potential users 3. Agree on clear milestones with co-founder(s) to make decisions easier 4. Hire entrepreneurial people with swiss knife skills and very good personal fit 5. Raise funds to go faster for authenticity and empowerment Qonto in 2016 Getting started - Takeaways
  12. 12. Qonto in 2017 Becoming “real”
  13. 13. Qonto in 2017 Becoming “real” Picture of first office = Camille
  14. 14. Qonto in 2017 Becoming “real”
  15. 15. Qonto in 2017 Becoming “real”
  16. 16. 1. Iterate fast on product and make sure everyone understands who the clients are 2. Leverage existing clients to grow user base (referrals, word-of-mouth, positive reviews) 3. Think of medium term for structural decisions (e.g. language/country/multi-users) 4. Keep on hiring to assemble best complementary team (skills) and start delegating 5. Raise capital when you don’t need to Qonto in 2017 Becoming “real” - Takeaways
  17. 17. Qonto in 2018 Scaling
  18. 18. Qonto in 2018 Scaling
  19. 19. Qonto in 2018 Scaling Creating the bank all businesses love Ambition Teamwork Mastery Integrity We fix big problems We work in harmony We get better Pablo Escobar
  20. 20. Qonto in 2018 Scaling - Takeaways 1. Spend time with the team (old and new members) 2. Constantly improve communication, processes and tools to remain efficient 3. Be ready to say ‘no’ more often 4. Stay involved in everyday operations but make sure other people care as much as you 5. Dream big and step back, read, discuss to become a better leader
  21. 21. Qonto in 2019 Growing internationally
  22. 22. Thank you! Let’s stay in touch! ALEX3M