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Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe! Entertainment Edition


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5 selected startups gave a 5-minute pitch in English exclusively surrounded by good vibes. They’ll get juicy feedback from our Sons of Pitches:
- Alice Zagury (, CEO @The Family
- Mathias Pastor (, Director @The Family
- Cyril Paglino (, Breakdance Vice-world Champion (2006), x3 time Founder (2008-2017) & now General Partner @Starchain Capital

Published in: Business
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Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe! Entertainment Edition

  1. 1. #PITCHVIBE
  3. 3. General Partner Starchain Capital CEO The Family Director The Family
  4. 4. “Good. Not Amazing.” Bestiiiies Mum “You are the best of the world! ” Music Industry? Why
  5. 5. “Amazing.” Bestiiiies Mum “Won’t listen to this type of music everyday ” Music Industry? Why Anonymous Track
  6. 6. Early Listeners Target New Product New Music Early Adopters Early Listeners Place (The Family) ?
  7. 7. Kâtch Is a Match!
  8. 8. Working! It is 50k Listeners 40k Artists
  9. 9. First. Teamwork Raphael Madeg Thomas Niels CEO, Co-Founder COO, Co-Founder CMO, Co-Founder CTO Musician vision Created the Business Strategy Created the Marketing Strategy Built the fastest music discovery process Created a strong team Brought 260,000 music Gathered 50,000 listeners Developed the platform
  10. 10. Join Kâtch!
  11. 11. 7min of use per day 20% day one retention
  12. 12. First to fith grades CP - CM2
  13. 13. #MboppéSkin