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Onboarding developers and setting them up for success

By Jean-Baptiste Aviat (, CTO at Sqreen (

Hiring developers is definitely hard, but that's only the beginning of the journey - you’re far from being done. Your next job as an employer is to make sure they have all the keys in hand to make the most out of their jobs.
Jean-Baptiste knows this topic particularly well as his company, Sqreen, the tool democratizing security and making it easier to implement & use for developers, has a large tech team that represents a big part of Sqreen’s workforce. Let's find out together how to build that within a fast-moving organisation, with constantly evolving teams and complex technical products at stake!

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Onboarding developers and setting them up for success

  1. 1. Jean-Baptiste Aviat CTO & co-founder @Sqreen Former Hacker at Apple (Red Team) Email: Twitter: @jbaviat
  2. 2. Alison Eastaway Head of People @ Sqreen
  3. 3. Set your employees up for success 2 main sides: ● Culture ● Operations
  4. 4. ● All companies are different ● No onboarding model can fit them all ● Our mission: Democratize security Developer tool Product centric company Very deep technology Paris and San Francisco
  5. 5. It is the continuum of the hiring process And is the inception of your employee life in your company The efforts put on… ● employer brand ● hiring process are confronted to the reality during the onboarding. not on its own
  6. 6. is our source of truth for company communications We also use it for the onboarding 1 template, and we copy it for new employees They can tick things, and we can track progress New employees can use it as a reminder, source of truth, ...
  7. 7. You have to meet all the team! It could take months before your first flight to San Francisco You first week, you will have ~1 meeting a day with the other side of the Atlantic You’ll meet… ● Sales team ● Marketing team ● Head of Operations ● … For the Paris team, lunch with everyone* * at 25 finding a restaurant is becoming challenging...
  8. 8. The tech side of things
  9. 9. Having a newcomer in the team can be time sucking Despite everything you’ve documented, not everyone learns in the same way To prevent distracting the whole team, newcomers have a buddy ● Your go-to Sqreener for any question ● That will help you with many things ● Making sure you are not alone for lunch in your first days
  10. 10. The team building the agents is dealing with several different contexts We defined several badges: ● When you had a pull request merged ● When you released an agent ● When you solved a bug working with a customer ● ...
  11. 11. It takes some time before you can fix production issues on your own... Developers are put on call quickly, but during working hours So issues can be fixed with a buddy Guiding you at the very beginning When you’re ready, you join the night rotation :)
  12. 12. Everyone does support at Sqreen After your first month ● Do support with your buddy for 1 session ● Then on your own
  13. 13. We’re a product centric company On your first week, you do a demo So... Maurice built this on his first week here! The best part: the demo happens during our team meeting All the company is watching, and you can introduce yourself
  14. 14. The new employees use a slide to introduce themselves And if for the week, we don’t have a new employee? The older employee presents themselves!
  15. 15. 3 months - renewable Can be ended either by the employer, or by the employee Our goal is to not renew it We have a thorough review process ● 1st week ● 1st 2 weeks ● 1st month ● 1st 2 months This helps us not renew in most cases - and sometimes stop early 󾓧
  16. 16. Every 6 months About the future, not about the past It always feel early with a new employee But we keep it, no matter what Helps him understand what it is, and how to prepare it
  17. 17. If you onboard people If you are thinking about your onboarding process → It means that you are hiring, and the head count is growing With our first developer (Benoit 👋) we’ve been only two for ~4 months! Then each new developer got less and less time from you 🚀
  18. 18. Thank you! Questions?