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Must do's to build a solid and scalable organisation by Martina Reiss


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Along four key topics, Martina will give valuable input on how to make sure that your scaling ambitions will not be jeopardized by your own organization. Best practices and learnings from the startup world combined with Martina’s expertise will let you leave this session with new and useful input to shape your high-performance organization.
Martina has over 10 years experience in organizational development and HR. She helped Rocket Internet to expand to Russia and set up first employee development tools. As a founding member, she helped build the organization for Project A, and had the whole employee life cycle on her plate as a Director People and Organization at nu3. She brings firsthand experience to help companies in establishing the required high-performance organization in order to succeed. She is now working as a freelance organizational development and HR strategy consultant.

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Must do's to build a solid and scalable organisation by Martina Reiss

  1. 1. Don’t Jeopardize Your Growth Four key must dos to build a solid and scalable organization - Martina Reiss Freelance Consultant for Organizational Development and HR Strategy -
  2. 2. 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 2 • Ten years of experience in HR • Consultant at Gi Group • 2011 Rocket Internet • Founding member of Project A • Director People and Organization at nu3 • Freelance consultant for organizational development and HR strategy topics
  3. 3. Empowerment 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 3
  4. 4. Culture First 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 4
  5. 5. High Performance Team 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 5
  6. 6. HR as a Profession 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 6
  7. 7. 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 7 Empowerment Culture First High Performance Teams HR as a Profession
  8. 8. 04.12.2018 Martina Reiss Consultant 8 Mail: Phone: +49 1785584014 Thank you very much!