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"Lessons from product-market-fit iterations"  by Alex Weidauer, CEO @Rasa


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In this presentation, Alex Weidauer talks about how he built Rasa (, the leading open source conversational AI company for the enterprise. 

Their first product Rasa NLU offers open source, natural language understanding for bots and assistants.
Sounds like a great idea? Actually, it took him and his cofounder countless product iterations to land on the right one. 

The first steps in a startup’s life boil down to relentless testing and taking decisions on the go. You won’t know what you’re doing half the time, until success becomes obvious. ✨
Alex's insights will help you go faster while you’re looking for your product-market fit!

Alexander Weidauer is co-founder and CEO of Rasa ( He studied Computer Science and Management at TU Berlin and the London School of Economics. Before founding Rasa, he worked for Project A Ventures and McKinsey.

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"Lessons from product-market-fit iterations"  by Alex Weidauer, CEO @Rasa

  1. 1. Lessons from product-market-fit iterations and magical “despite” moments Confidential and proprietary. Any use of this material without specific permission of Rasa is strictly prohibited. September 2017
  2. 2. 3 Months before Techstars
  3. 3. 3 Months after Techstars
  4. 4. treev: “The fastest way for product people to find, organise and share what they're working on”
  5. 5. ?
  6. 6. Customer Development = Finding Product-Market-Fit
  7. 7. Product-Market-Fit Iterations Before Techstars After Techstars treev for everyone treev for 20 customers treev for one customer
  8. 8. How to test hypothesis and run product-market-fit iterations User Interviews Fake Products Onboard Users in Person Mockups Analytics
  9. 9. Lessons learned
  10. 10. Have a structured process.
  11. 11. Start with the problem, not the solution.
  12. 12. Have a really good answer for “Why now?”.
  13. 13. Small samples are usually enough.
  14. 14. Watch out for magical “despite” moments.*
  15. 15. How to identify product-market fit? Magical “despite” moments!
  16. 16. Customers schedule meetings despite not writing multiple follow ups.
  17. 17. Customers pay you despite not having payment processes in place.
  18. 18. Customers get in touch despite not having a great website.
  19. 19. Big corporates want to work with you despite being a small, unreliable startup.
  20. 20. You get pulled out of bed despite having only slept 3 hours.
  21. 21. Recommended Book: The Mom Test - Rob Fitzpatrick
  22. 22. We’re hiring! Alexander Weidauer Co-Founder & CEO Rasa Technologies GmbH, c/o Factory Community Space Rheinsberger Straße 76/77, 10115 Berlin, Germany