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Learnings from B2C subscriptions w/ Ana Sandra Ruiz @spotify


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Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of having to fight, hunt, and practically beg for each new sale, you could set up a business in such a way that all your customers paid you regularly, time and time again? Well, you can—that’s the beauty of offering a subscription service.

The subscription business model has grown hugely in popularity in recent years. Covering everything from music to meals, it seems like there is a subscription service for just about anything. But what are the do’s and the don’ts in B2B and B2C subscription based models?

To answer these questions, the incredible Ana Sandra Ruiz, Director of International Premium Growth at Spotify, joined us at The Family to share her expertise around subscription models!

Ana has built and lead a team driving premium subscriptions growth across Asia, Latam and Europe at Spotify.

She shared insights about some crazy challenges she faced while growing Spotify in new continents. Among other things, she shaped conversion strategies for key markets, created creative scarcity effects and fomo to drive growth. She also came up with ways to monetise on the high engagement, as well as reduce payment- and checkout friction. And she was very thoughtful of what she prioritised to balance growth vs. retention.

A truly unique profile you will want to hear more from!

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Learnings from B2C subscriptions w/ Ana Sandra Ruiz @spotify

  1. 1. Learnings from B2C Subscriptions w/ Ana Sandra Ruiz @SPOTIFY
  2. 2. Benefits of Subscription Models 1/ If the retention rate is good - predictable revenues 2/ As time goes by and base matures - even stronger retention 3/ Very defensible against competitors
  3. 3. Balancing Freemium Models How much of the experience sits on the free vs. paid side? If rich free side - struggle to monetize If rich paid side - struggle to acquire users
  4. 4. Keep Things Simple Start withsimplicity # Make the users learn about you - Don’t confuse # Learn about the users - Experiment
  5. 5. Retention & Passive Churn Look at retention at cohort, product, country level Conduct research and surveys to understand your users
  6. 6. Adapt to User Payment Behaviour Tailor your product for the payment behaviour of your users #culture #traditions #mentality
  7. 7. Upselling to paid products Test things that might feel counterintuitive in contained audiences or smaller markets
  8. 8. Thank you! Questions?