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"Email: The Best Growth Hacking Weapon for Startups" par Shubham Sharma


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Par Shubham Sharma, Developer Evangelist at MailJet

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"Email: The Best Growth Hacking Weapon for Startups" par Shubham Sharma

  1. Email: The Best Growth Hacking Weapon for Startups Shubham SHARMA - Developer Evangelist @mailjet @shub_s
  2. Email service provider Web app and RESTful APIs for Marketers and Developers 30.000 customers in 150+ countries 1 billion emails per month About
  3. This Workshop Email Basics
 Useful tips to growth hack with emails
 what we do today, and what you could expect Examples Try this 51 Introduction Why Emails Clarify Emails Types, Deliverability 2 Contacts Build the relation 3 Best practices What to avoid 4 End Questions 6 4
  5. Which communication channels should I invest in?
  6. How do I start developing customer loyalty from Day 1?
  7. Email
  8. Everyone Uses Email
  9. 0.9 billion 1.3 billion 3.3 billion Sources: # Email acct > # (FB + Twitter) acct
  10. Email is Cost efficient
  11. Email CPC x 1000 = Social Media CPC 0.00025€ / email 0.26€ / click 0.29€ / click Sources: 

  12. Email = Highest ROI
  13. Email = best digital channel for ROI 1200% 2000% 3400% Source:
  14. Email = weapon for mass personalization
  15. Personalized communication wins customer loyalty One-to-one communication channel with customers Use data to create a personal experience Best tool to control customer journey from beginning to end
  16. Transactional Marketing … Different types of email
  17. Transactional
  18. Newsletter
  19. 3rd type? 
 Automated Notifications
  20. So 3 types of email in fact
  21. What is “deliverability?” Defining the term...
  22. It’s not a - Rate - Magical word
  23. It’s an objective = emails reach the inbox Instead of lost, spam, bounce...
  24. It can be monitored - Opens & Clicks - Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) $$$
  25. Big evolutions for email sending 90’s => Now
  26. Headline should look like this Spam surged 1995: 95% of email = legitimate 2015: 70% of email = spam Source : Return path
  27. Headline should look like thisNew issues for senders ISPs & Anti-spam = stricter rules 17% of legitimate email get lost Source : Return path
  28. Consolidate the Relation with your contacts
  29. Build your contact list
  30. What is spam ?
  31. Spam Unsolicited email
  32. Purchased/rented lists contain spam traps and hurt your deliverability! Forever !
  33. Building contact list = farming
  34. Find the right seeds (contacts)
  35. Ask new customers to opt-in for your mailing list Ask user to Opt-In during service / product registration Clearly identifying what the user is signing up for!
  36. Capture leads from EVERYWHERE Asking user to Opt-In to mailing list
  37. Communicate regularly with your customers via newsletter Description on what user is signing up for Alternate call-to- actions to help segment data
  38. 1. Build your contact list Get rid of weeds (inactive contacts) Re-engagement campaigns
  39. Respect subscription preference Offer to adjust email frequency upon unsubscription request
  40. Provide quality fertilizer (content)
  41. Content marketing is a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP. Not a ONE NIGHT STAND.
  42. Collect the right information about your customers: " name " location " gender " ... Respond to the behavior and usage of your customers: " open/click rate " open/click time " ... The data is the key
  43. Deliverability Optimize
  44. 1- SPF / DKIM personalization Delivery issues with ISPs Looks bad for recipient
  45. DKIM by default Personalized DKIM
  46. Anti-phishing system DNS modifications Beware of certain hosters
  47. 2- Avoid Private WHOIS Deliverability issues ISPs find it suspect Risk of blacklisting
  48. 3- Clean HTML Try to avoid common mistakes
  49. Headline should look like this Common HTML mistakes
  50. Headline should look like this
  51. 4- Careful with the Content Many things to think about...
  52. Avoid ALL CAPS in subjects Avoid ALL CAPS everywhere in fact Avoid aggressive CTA “click now” etc. Avoid heavy font with flashy color Watch your image/text ratio Put the name of your brand in the subject Put a sender name Always, always, always: TEST
  53. A/B testing -> A/X Testing
  54. Words That Will Trip The Spam Alarm
  55. Some good examples and tips
  56. Welcome email - Dropbox Branded design Help to get started Incentive to share
  57. Getting started email - Twitter Next steps to take Call to action
  58. Localized content - Vamos Localized segment Personalized greeting Localized recommendations
  59. Use Gifs on emails
  60. Subject Line personalization Content personalization Content based on previous engagement with service Status email - Netflix Call to action
  61. Re-engagement email - Fitbay Call to action Highlight activity
  62. Capture leads from EVERYWHERE Everywhere
  63. Win-back email - Eventbrite We miss you Why you should come back Clear call to action
  64. Win-back email -
  65. Clean your lists
  66. Make the html work
  67. Try the mailjet API
  68. Q&A
  69. Send in the subject line ***** :D **** :) *** :| ** :( * :'( To And Receive a Mailjet 3 month free promo code ! Members of TheFamily get 12 months !
  70. Take-off with Mailjet @mailjet More email tips and guides at