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"Don't only hire product managers. Enable your teams!"  by Richard Illig, Head of Product at Loopline-Systems


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Your team is your secret weapon. So deploy it wisely 
To build a great product, you need to leverage each employee's strength, empower them, and let them shine. 

In this talk, Richard provides hands-on insights on how he enabled his team to contribute to the product and apply a Scrum that works.

Richard is Head of Product at Loopline-Systems - the feedback rebells - launching two new innovative products in one year. He was a former product lead for a high production value mobile game and drove the growth for the most successful app of all German developers.

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"Don't only hire product managers. Enable your teams!"  by Richard Illig, Head of Product at Loopline-Systems

  1. 1. Don't only hire product managers Enable your teams! The Family, 19th of Sept 2017
  3. 3. ▪ The product is a solution for a user problem ▪ Deliver as much customer value as fast as possible ▪ Cost benefit oriented decision making PRODUCTION PRINCIPLES
  4. 4. ▪ Regularly ▪ Positive, unclear, strategic ▪ Current issues and challenges ▪ Elaborate on customer needs ▪ Demand and appreciate feedback PRESENT AND DISCUSS
  5. 5. ▪ Teams prioritizes ▪ Sales Prio Points ▪ CS Prio Points ▪ Agree on actions (matrix) ▪ 5 now ▪ 3 + 4 soon ▪ 1 + 2 never :) ▪ Priority of departments themselves FEATURE REQUESTS PRIORITIES 5 4 3 2 1
  6. 6. ▪ What are we working on? ▪ Any blockers? ▪ max 3 times a week SCRUM - Daily Stand Up
  7. 7. ▪ Is the feature working as expected? ▪ Ad hoc with dev, designer, QA ▪ What about Sales / Customer Success? SCRUM - Review
  8. 8. ▪ How have we been working together? ▪ Every 4 weeks SCRUM - Retrospective
  9. 9. ▪No sprints ▪no sprint planning ▪milestone / MVP goals ▪Feature bundles ▪shortly before QA ▪big features go solo SCRUM - And the rest?
  10. 10. ▪ Shift perspectives CEO, CUSTOMER, SALES, CS, PRODUCT, DESIGN, IT
  11. 11. ▪ Let team evaluate cost-benefit ▪ Let team take over responsibility ▪ Let team descope features TEAM MANAGEMENT
  12. 12. Richard Illig Head of Product Loopline Systems Thank you!