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Car Industry Disruption

De l'industrie automobile à la plateforme logicielle. Par Oussama Ammar, Partner et cofondateur de TheFamily.

Notre industrie automobile est en train de sombrer, victime de surcapacités. L'industrie automobile ne doit pas vivre cela comme une fatalité. Il existe bien des façons d'être compétitif et la question des coûts de main d'oeuvre est un piège stratégique à éviter. Même largement automatisée, cette industrie n’est pas "scalable" comme l’est une application numérique. Mais cette limite est probablement surmontable grâce à une approche industrielle que nous commençons à mieux cerner: l’hybridation entre un objet physique et une plateforme logicielle.

Car Industry Disruption

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  2. 2. The Car Industry Didnt Waitfor the Valley to Innovate
  3. 3. ...and up to 80 in high-end vehicles30 Computer Processors in a Basic Car
  4. 4. The Problem Is NOT a Technical One
  5. 5. The Challenge Is aStrategic One
  6. 6. Disruption Has Many Forms
  7. 7. Disruptionof Service
  8. 8. Disruption ofManufacturing
  9. 9. "Connected-Car"Disruption
  10. 10. The Risk is not a Tesla
  11. 11. Even if it is an Incredible Case ofWhat Silicon Valley is Capable of
  12. 12. The Real Risk: Software is Eating the Worldand the Car Industry is no Exception
  13. 13. Once Upon a Time... There Was aSmartphone that Entered a Car
  14. 14. The real innovation herewas the realization thatconsumers already had aprogrammable device withever-improving high-speedconnections, GPS & high-definition displays.
  15. 15. Apps like Waze are even social,crowdsourcing real-time traffic androad information from its users.
  16. 16. This Changes Consumers’Behavior and Expectations
  17. 17. It is also an opportunity for someplayer to have a Trojan Horse strategy
  18. 18. “95% of cars sold today have integrated musicplayback and control from an iOS device, but wewant to take this integration to a whole new level”
  19. 19. Lets take a look at Google’s self-driven car
  20. 20. Why Is Google Attacking This?
  21. 21. They Dont Care About the Car...
  22. 22. The Car Manufacturer IsJust a Supplier for Google
  23. 23. Do You Know What Happens to Suppliers?
  24. 24. Will the Passion for Beautiful MechanicsProtect the Manufacturer?
  25. 25. Introducingthe InsuranceCompanies
  26. 26. Why Does Google Havethis Master Plan?
  27. 27. It Is a Core Valley Capability:The Disruption
  28. 28. It is Based on a StrongOrganizational Behavior
  29. 29. Valley CompaniesHave Purpose
  30. 30. Valley CompaniesProvide Autonomy
  31. 31. They Embody Mastery
  32. 32. MasteryPurposeThis Three-Core Skill Spread as aCulture is Going After EverythingAutonomyBetter Performance
  33. 33. Maybe there is a way out:The Platform Strategy
  34. 34.