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A new breed of CTO - Philippe Vimard, CTO & COO at Doctolib


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By Philippe Vimard (, CTO & COO at Doctolib (

There’s probably no need to introduce Doctolib, one of France’s newest unicorns after raising €150M a few months ago. Philippe has been their new COO & CTO for the past year after occupying a similar role at eDreams (GoVoyages, Opodo, Travellink, Liligo).

Get the maximum amount of knowledge out of this extremely experienced executive, who shared with us the why and how of mixing Tech & Ops! His approach is super business-centered, always looking for ways to be closer to other functions: A truly entrepreneurial & business CTO.

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A new breed of CTO - Philippe Vimard, CTO & COO at Doctolib

  1. 1. A new breed of CTO The Family - July 2019
  2. 2. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel ● Inception: Nov. 2013. ● German-French company ● Headquarters in Berlin and Paris, 30 offices in France, 5 in Germany. ● 850 employees today ● Raised 230M€ in investment. Currently valued @ 1B€ (March 2019) 2 Doctolib is a German-French company with 850 people and a long-term project (July 2019) Key Facts Our investors
  3. 3. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel Our mission: make our healthcare system more human, efficient and connected 3 Improve the patient access to healthcare and patient experience Create the medical practices and the hospitals of the future 1 2
  4. 4. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel 4 Doctolib is the largest ehealth service in Europe EXPERIENCENETWORK 90,000 healthcare professionals 20,000,000 Patient accounts SERVICE 850 staff VISIBILITY 35,000,000 visits per month
  5. 5. Doctolib targets 2 kind of users: practitioners & patients A new generation of scheduling system for practices and hospitals ● Booking optimization ● Easy patient communication ● Practitioners coordination An online service for patients ● Find a nearby health practitioner / hospital ● Book doctor appointments online 24/7 ● Manage medical bookings online
  6. 6. Doctolib – Strictly confidential Strong growth since inception 6
  7. 7. Who’s this guy?
  8. 8. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel A bit about myself 8 Intl’ Experience VC, PE, IPO, hypergrowth, slowdown, M&As From pure tech focus to global operations scope 44y old Engineer & Entrepreneur
  9. 9. Why CTO Enablers are needed?
  10. 10. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel The typical roles boundaries... 10
  11. 11. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel The “CTO Enabler” equation 11 Much bigger impact on overall results Technology Biz model Biz processes
  12. 12. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel Technology = Overall enabler the business Someone needs to be able to connect the dots. Who’s better than the CTO to understand and drive it ? Much easier for him/her to step beyond the boundary than the other way around. If not, who then? 12
  13. 13. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel Key business processes to master as CTO ● Product prioritization ● Customer journey from sales to support ● Sales/Marketing and levers to accelerate those ● Finance/HR and automation potential ● Make/Buy/Partner strategies for product/int’l expansion 13
  14. 14. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel 14 Data & Business Scale Marketing Lead Generation Data Analytics Product & dev Doctor Marketing Marketing Customer Engag. Data Analytics Product & dev Scale Cust. Engag. Operations Excellence Data Analytics Product & dev Scale OPS processes Global business teams Sales Strategy Data Analytics Product & dev Scale Sales processes Product & dev Scale Onboarding Provide acceleration services to each global teams*: - Data Analytics - Product management - Development → Align objectives & destroy them *DBS also provides data analytics for Product teams, and could prioritize other missions in the future to support other global teams such as Finance/ People (DBS) Data & Business Scale @ Doctolib
  15. 15. Doctolib – Strictement confidentiel How to make the transition from CTO to ‘CTO-enabler’ ? 15 1. Break the paragdims of CTO as a techy-only 2. Dare to get into the dark sciences of Sales/Marketing/Operations 3. Educate yourselves in financial key concepts 4. Apply your strong engineering mindset to those 5. Understand that it is your job (and more fun!) 6. Diffuse this mindset within your own team
  16. 16. Questions welcome!