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The 20 most common mistakes startups make


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The path to success might not be clear nor written anywhere. Nevertheless, the common and systematic mistakes are obvious. Let's share it.

Presentation @_TheFamily by Co-Founder and Partner, Oussama Ammar on the top 20 mistakes that kill startups.

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The 20 most common mistakes startups make

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  2. 2. Single Founder
  3. 3. Bad Location
  4. 4. Marginal Niche
  5. 5. Derivative Idea
  6. 6. Obstinacy
  7. 7. Hiring Bad Programmers
  8. 8. Choosing theWrong Platform
  9. 9. Slowness in Launching
  10. 10. Launching Too Early
  11. 11. Having No SpecificUser in Mind
  12. 12. Bad Customer Service
  13. 13. Raising Too Little Money
  14. 14. Spending Too Much
  15. 15. Raising Too Much Money(réveillez-vous c’est hyper technique)
  16. 16. Poor InvestorManagement
  17. 17. Sacrificing Users to(Supposed) Profit
  18. 18. Measure theWrong Things
  19. 19. Not Wanting to GetYour Hands Dirty
  20. 20. Fights Between Founders
  21. 21. A Half-Hearted Effort
  22. 22. One More Thing...
  23. 23. Be ramen profitablequickly (if) u can
  24. 24. You are Welcome to Join the