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The Changing Nature of Viral - Social Marketers NYC


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On April 17, Offerpop hosted it's monthly Social Marketers NYC Meetup. The topic was "The Changing Nature of Viral." We were pleased as punch to have Jonathan Perelman of BuzzFeed, Jason Feifer of Fast Company, and Sharad Goel of Microsoft in house to try and define virality, how it happens, and what role marketers have in creating viral sensation. Here's the cliff notes from the night's event!

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The Changing Nature of Viral - Social Marketers NYC

  1. 1. The Changing Nature of Viral#SocialMarketersNYC
  2. 2. Jason Feifer
  3. 3. SharadGoel
  4. 4. Jonathan Perelman
  5. 5. Jason Feifer
  6. 6. Jonathan Perelman
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  8. 8. SharadGoel
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  10. 10. Jonathan Perelman
  11. 11. Jason Feifer
  12. 12. What is Social Marketers NYC?Expertise and insight. Thats what it takes to be a social marketer in NYC - and everymonth we deliver. We bring together journalists, analysts, social marketers and evenscientists each month to discuss trends, strategies and cultural shifts that impact ourbrands. Each session includes a short presentation and then a discussion with topexperts. Members are encouraged to ask questions and share their own insights. Andwe leave plenty of time for networking with food and drinks. Join us at OfferpopOfferpop is a super easy-to-use social marketing platform for Facebook and Twitter.Marketers across the globe use Offerpop to build active fan bases, optimize theirsocial content, and unlock rich, actionable data that converts fans into customers.From small businesses to top brands like Amazon, Pepsi, and MTV, companies useOfferpop to drive success across their key marketing channels – engaging andconverting fans like never before. Offerpop is a Facebook® Preferred MarketingDeveloper, qualified by the PMD program in Apps. Try us out for free