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Oif preso portfolio online


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Oif preso portfolio online

  2. 2. This is a short summary about ayear-long school project that I wasinvolved in between 2010 and2011.The project was a fundamental partof my IDBM master’s level studiesat the Aalto University in Finland.
  3. 3. THE TEAM: A dynamic team of four from the Aalto University IDBM program with multidisciplinary skills – ranging from business to technology to design.Antti-Pekka Joona Lynn …and me!
  4. 4. THE PROJECT BRIEF: ” Design a web-based tool to measure the innovativeness of Vietnamese SMEs ”
  6. 6. What did we know in the beginning?
  9. 9. So honestly, not a lot.In the numerous groupsessions during the followingmonths, we started to analysethe case further.And this resulted in morequestions.
  10. 10. What does innovativeness look like? Firstly, about the How to create a honey pot effect with a measuring tool? project itself…. What is the real objective behind this task?What do we know about Can innovativeness bethe Vietnamese culture andcompanies? measured? What will the result Is there any point inWho needs this? be at the end? measuring it? How can we measure What are the tools it? available?Why would a company want to How can we help?measure it’s innovativeness? Reason’s for Finland’s success?
  11. 11. Why would Finland want to help Vietnam? Secondly, who was this mysterious ”client” of What is IPP? ours? ...and in Vietnam!? What are we going to do in Vietnam What are IPP’s for 2 weeks? objectives? What’s the budget like? No Facebook? What is Open Why can’t they do it themselves? Innovation Forum? Why partner withCan the previous year’sstudents guide us? Aalto University?
  12. 12. After some more research,meetings and interviews, wewere able to map out the client,their need and our role in all ofthis…
  13. 13. There were 3 players in the project… Partnership program between Finland and Vietnam Goal: Improve innovative processes in Vietnam IPP’s web platform in the very early phases Goal: Improve IPP’s online presence in Vietnam One year school industry project Goal: Create value for IPP through OIF
  14. 14. Next, we had to figure out what tooffer the guys in Vietnam… Since Finland is one of leading countries in terms of innovativeness… …our mission was to find out some of the “secrets ingredients” behind this success... …and then a way to import them to Vietnam.
  15. 15. We interviewed Finnish academia,entrepreneurs, public researchorganizations, financers, start-ups,and fellow students in order to get tothe bottom of it.But we also needed to figure out howto make these “secrets ingredients”feasible for the Vietnamese contextand culture.
  16. 16. The result was a framework for aninnovation concept with 3 themes: Inspire Awareness Business Success Stories Test / “Wake up” Theme of the Month Connect Network IPP events
  17. 17. We also needed a prototype.So we got the school to buy us4 iPads.And then we created theconcept prototype with theiPads.
  18. 18. They looked like this..
  19. 19. In February 2011, we changedscenery for 2 weeks…
  20. 20. …and continued the project in Hanoi.
  21. 21. With the help of 5 local students whom wehad recruited earlier…
  22. 22. …we organized a seminar on innovativeness at the Hanoi University…
  23. 23. …and interviewed and tested our conceptprototype with over 20 local companies!
  24. 24. Back in frosty Finland… * * * * * * * * * *
  25. 25. …we analyzed and developed theresults further… Strategy 6 5 4 3 Networking 2 Communication 1 Organisation Failure
  26. 26. …combined them with our wireframe andideas for the online platform…
  27. 27. …while not forgetting our prototype and theinnovativeness measurement tool requested byour client.
  28. 28. And the end result?
  29. 29. IPP started immediately setting upand developing the new web platform for OIF.
  30. 30. By adding together our features andelements… + + …as well as some local twists and nuances…
  31. 31. …by May 2011, the Open Innovation Forumplatform was up and running to provide online presence and a forum for Vietnamese SMEs!
  32. 32. This project was successfullycompleted and I enjoyed the hardwork.However, it’s just one of the manyprojects that I’ve been involved in!To know more about me, my resumeand other experiences, please dropme an email
  33. 33. Thanks for your time!Hoping to hear from you soon!