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CV with case study and career highlights

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  1. 1. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA              
  2. 2. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative SuiteMicrosoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netTO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: With over twenty-five years of experience in both trade and commercial publishing I possess the skills necessary to support, manage and grow a variety of publishing systems, most recently K4 for New York Magazine. I was a key member of the team that created a new IT department from the ground up when Primedia sold New York Magazine to the Wasserstein Group. My prime directive at that time was to select a new publishing system; after exhaustive research involving a dozen candidates, I selected Woodwing. An eleventh hour contract change, along with certain technical advantages, made K4 the final selection. I am considered a cross-platform specialist, with emphasis on the Macintosh/OS X environment. I am seeking a position that will enable me to utilize my extensive knowledge whilst allowing me the freedom to pursue my personal obligations and interests. My experience is not only on the operational side of IT—in areas such as customer support and training, workflow design, desktop support and help desk management, workstation configuration and rigorous testing—but equally include research and development, proof of concept, workflow analyses, new product launches, acquisitions and business continuity planning. This allows me to grasp the bigger picture, and the flexibility to master multiple disciplines. Having been gifted with extraordinary patience, a winning sense of humor as well as extensive experience traveling (on both business and pleasure), I like to think of myself as a more well rounded man and less of a techno-geek. I believe that I have the necessary technical abilities, and the personal temperament, cultural sensitivity, and a strongly honed sense of empathy required to deliver world-class service in a modern multimedia-publishing environment. My abilities straddle the divide between print and online endeavors, with special attention to XML extraction and the rigors of asset tagging, and the unique challenges this presents to modern publishing workflows. This is comfortable, familiar territory to me, and serves as the basis of a deeper understanding of clients’ needs. We all like to play to our strengths; because of my unique ability to provide the best support available, coupled with the proper training and ongoing technical, emotional and moral support, I am able to facilitate the transformation of client and stakeholder skills into a salable work product. My skill at translating "techno-babble" into colloquialisms without condescension is one of my greatest abilities. Always fully cognizant of the sense of urgency that accompanies any deadline driven endeavor, the ability to instill in my colleagues that sense of urgency whilst remaining unobtrusive is crucial to the success of any time-sensitive project. I have always enjoyed a warm, close working relationship with all staff, co-workers, and clients of diverse needs and requirements in every phase of business. My experience provides me with the knowledge required to manage software contracts, licensing and service level agreements, on-time service delivery, change and expectation management, as well as the ever-evolving legal and contractual aspects of new technology, which I believe gives me a fuller backdrop against which to provide stellar support. Through personal and professional relationships, I draw upon a wide variety of colleagues and vendors in the industry to provide the essential tools to complete any task. My consulting rates are $45/hr., and I am seeking a full-time position that provides compensation of at least $90K/yr.; this is, of course negotiable, depending upon benefits offered, growth potential and other intangibles. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Lance Christopher Rohde
  3. 3. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative SuiteMicrosoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netCAREER GOALS: I am seeking a position where I can utilize my unique and varied skill set to achieve the personal satisfaction I receive from being able to meld different technical, business, and personnel management capabilities to further the companys desired business objectives.EMPLOYMENT HISTORY:New York Magazine, 75 Varick Street, New York, NYManager of Publishing Systems/Help Desk 5/2004 through 2/2010 Administration of multiple publishing systems resulted in an effective uptime in excess of 99% including external factors; responsible for all aspects of management and administration of the K4 Publishing Systems, including XML extraction; establishment and implementation of all Mac/PC workstation standards and configuration images reduced service calls by almost 50%. Successes include project manager on system upgrades and special issues, daily supervision of desktop support team, designer and manager of a newsroom for New York Magazine’s daily newspaper for the Republican National Convention. Major projects include the corporate office relocation to Soho, core publishing system analysis and replacement project and resulting migration from existing Quark Publishing System to MEI’s K4 Publishing System.Time Inc., 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NYPublishing Technologies Consultant 6/2002 through 5/2004 Consultant on upgrades to several Quark Publishing Systems for Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People and Time magazines; responsible for training Network Operations Center staff to not only support these systems, but aid their understanding of the underlying manufacturing processes that enabled them to better comprehend their clients’ sense of urgency in an emergency. Compiled syllabi for various training courses, including tutorials and documentation. Additional tasking included the completion of special projects adapting peripheral systems to extract content from QPS to integrate with their associated websites. Liaised directly with vendors to tailor software to specific technical and business environments.Sports Illustrated, Time Inc., 135 W 50th Street, New York, NYIndependent Contractor, Editorial Support 4/1998 through 3/2001 Provided at-deadline technical support on their Quark Publishing System, and diverse project work such as workstation configuration & deployment, training of new employees, equipment upgrades & office relocation.CMP Media LLC, 600 Community Drive, Manhasset, Long Island, NYManager of Publishing Technology 1/1985 through 4/2002 Quark Publishing Systems administration and development, research, design and implementation of new technologies with an eye toward budget reduction, workflow reengineering and optimal staff reutilization resulting in significant savings and increased productivity. Analysis of print and online editorial workflow processes facilitated new products and revenue streams. As the key liaison to all relevant parties in development of standards and negotiation of department budgets, software contracts and maintenance agreements, significant efficiencies and savings were realized.
  4. 4. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative SuiteMicrosoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netEDUCATION: ■ NASSAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE, GARDEN CITY, NY Associates Degree - Computer Sciences ■ MARIA REGINA DIOCESAN HIGH SCHOOL, UNIONDALE, NY Academic/BusinessTECHNICAL: With more than 25 years experience managing Macintosh and PC platforms, as well as a familiarity with some forms of UNIX, I possess a unique capability of integrating cross platform technologies within corporate guidelines, policies and restrictions by establishing all corporate workstation standards and images. New software acquisition, testing, user acceptance testing and end user training enhance my extensive design and administrative experience with publishing platforms such as K4, QPS, ATEX and others, along with the associated industry-standard software suites they employ. I have a practical working knowledge of Active Directory, Windows and Macintosh Server environments. I have proven to be effective in designing, developing, implementing and administering these systems. By incorporating a blend of workflow reengineering, software implementation, quality training and judicious budgeting I have guided many projects to successful and satisfying completion. I possess expertise in font licensing negotiation, acquisition, management and enforcement, as well as standard software licensing management. I am also adept at training new IT staff as well as clients, both in the use of all standard and custom software packages. My skills at creating both technical and end-user documentation in easily understood colloquialisms is sought after by many employers, peers and vendors.PROFESSIONAL: In addition to various certifications obtained over the course of my career, I have established a number of both personal and professional relationships with a wide variety of industry vendors as well as individuals in related industries that continue to provide me with a deep well of knowledge and access to resources that have enabled me to expedite a constellation of tasks required to inform, enhance, streamline and implement a diversity of projects in an economical and timely manner.PERSONAL: My interests include architecture, literature, writing, music, dining and cooking. I have traveled extensively and I am considered to be a well-read individual. I possess great patience and am gifted with a keen sense of humor. I am also considered a skilled wordsmith, including both technical and corporate documentation, and have found this serves my clients and I well for all business and social communications with in-house staff, vendors and end users.
  5. 5. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative SuiteMicrosoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netCASE STUDY: A PUBLISHING SYSTEM MIGRATION I have overseen two major publishing system migrations and am quite comfortable with the entire process. Previously I managed the migration of multiple titles from a mainframe system, ATEX, to a desktop publishing solution, QPS (the Quark Publishing System). Most recently I was the project manager for New York Magazines migration from QPS to Managing Editor/vjoons K4, even though the original candidate was Woodwing. The success of this migration hinged upon full participation of the editorial staff; I was able to accomplish this via a unique incentive arrangement I created in concert with HR and by ensuring the preservation of a specific line item in the budget to guarantee the funding of iPods for all participants who fulfilled the studys requirements. Although the initial migration was to be to the Woodwing Publishing System because of its more open architecture and K4s proprietary database platform (PrimeBase), some extremely favorable financial concessions, as well as some technical advantages, led to the choice of K4 at the eleventh hour, a shift that was realized without a misstep. I commenced a deep dive demo with Woodwing and had made my selection based upon the initial results of that venture. Those favorable results were successfully completed with our final choice, K4. The migration was a multi-phase project as it involved an interim step of upgrading QPS to the then-current version in anticipation of a lengthly, thorough search for a publishing system replacement; this also included a full desktop refresh, which had to encompass not only the technical restrictions imposed by the newly upgraded QPS but also be robust and open enough for the new incoming candidate which was still to be selected. This refresh cycle entailed a full energy audit, as the offices of New York Magazine were then located in midtown on Madison Avenue in an older office building; this constituted an aging infrastructure and also housed unionized facilities that imposed additional restrictions on the installation and disposal of equipment. Through the careful selection of equipment the audit resulted in not only a reduction in electrical demand, but, through a unique arrangement I engineered with a non-profit charity to dispose of the outgoing workstations, resulted in full compliance with the requirements of the buildings facilities management, and benefited both New York Magazine as a deductible charitable donation and the recipients acquiring close to 100 workstations for educational use. Once K4 was chosen as the final candidate, the migration was achieved not only ahead of schedule but also significantly under budget and without the need for parallel processing during the migration – since the new workstations were specifically designed by me to run both QPS and the not-yet-selected incoming system. By utilizing rigorous controls on standardized images on my clients workstations they were afforded the leisure to learn, practice, and migrate their own data at a pace that was comfortable to both them and the IT department supporting them throughout the transition. Our licensing agreement with QPS allowed us to leave it in situ until the editorial staff requested its removal when they had completed their data migration. Utilizing the "teach a man to fish" philosophy allowed the clients not only to participate in their own system, but reduced the subsequent support burden by creating a more well-informed, self-supporting user base that possessed pride of ownership. I have at my disposal the services of industry leaders, some of whom I have worked with for more than 20 years, in developing methodologies for not only creating, but training and maintaining, a comprehensive package of master templates from creation, style sheet designing, naming conventions and the judicious use of plug-ins to other industry standard automation tools for everything from color correction to preflighting. No publishing system is static; it is a living process that requires constant fine-tuning throughout its lifecycle. This is not because of any shortcomings on a manufacturers part, but rather a function of the publishing process itself, and the ever- evolving methodology for delivering information as technology changes. I am proud to say I have an enduring reputation in the industry for providing world-class support and challenge resolution.
  6. 6. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative SuiteMicrosoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netSELECTED CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: ■ Migration: K4 Publishing System (New York Magazine): Cloned existing K4 system into a new Virtualized Windows Server environment; developed complimentary PrimeBase backups with enterprise-wide server backup and redundancy systems. ■ ServiceDesk Helpdesk System (New York Magazine): Ongoing development and implementation of an in-house web-based ServiceDesk helpdesk system including knowledgebase population, auto routing via helpdesk email system, and report extraction that lead to improvement in response time and greater uptime for clients. ■ Office Relocation (New York Magazine): Member of team responsible for the relocation of the magazine offices from midtown to Soho; responsible for energy auditing, equipment tracking and location testing, as well as coordinating the charitable donation, or proper disposal of, unwanted equipment. ■ New Publishing System Project Manager (New York Magazine): Project Manager for the search, analysis, selection, testing, piloting, staff training and implementation of New York Magazines K4 Publishing System and its associated TANSA proofing/style system. Specified contract terms, font licensing, workstation standards and acquisition, defined and established workflow requirements as well as guaranteed employee participation in the selection, approval and acceptance process via incentives. ■ IT Department Development (New York Magazine): Core member of four IT professionals tasked with the design, development, installation and implementation of a new IT infrastructure to replace the outsourced IT support structure in place when the magazine was purchased from Primedia. Our team built a world-class IT support department from the ground up including establishing corporate standards, desktop refresh, infrastructure upgrade and/or replacement. ■ RNC Show Daily (New York Magazine): Designed, developed, installed and supported an ad hoc newsroom for New York Magazines effort to produce a show daily for the Republican National convention. Included establishing workflow, equipment acquisition and configuration, newsroom design and setup and liaising with the RNC and other third parties to produce four show dailies for the Convention. ■ Multiple Projects for Time Inc. (Time Inc.): Developed and implemented training programs enabling the Network Operation Center staff to assume management of Time Inc.s publishing systems; assisted various publications (Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People) with upgrading their QPS Publishing Systems to the then current version, including software analyses and tests for corporate, legal and technical requirements. ■ QPS 2.0.10 Rollout and Workflow Analysis (CMP Media LLC): Project manager for the full migration of all of CMP’s QPS 1.11r1 systems to the then current 2.0.10 systems. Responsible for analyzing, reengineering and instituting new publication workflows, coordinating upgrade training, and mentoring of in-house IT staff.
  7. 7. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netSELECTED CAREER HIGHLIGHTS CONTINUED: ■ WuliWeb Analysis and Rollout (CMP Media LLC): Member of the integration team responsible for implementing CMP’s barcoding of printed assets in partnership with WuliWeb and AirClic. I was responsible for developing technical applications within a QPS environment and integration into existing workflow. As primary liaison, I worked with inhouse IT staff, editorial clients and third party vendors. ■ Requirements  Definition  Project  (CMP Media LLC): Project manager for an enterprise-wide study for CMP’s next generation workflow and asset management system requirements. Responsible for identifying subject matter experts, coordinating interviews, supervision of in-house staff and integration team members.       ■ TELECOM Show Daily (CMP Media LLC): Designed and implemented two remote Quark Publishing Systems to produce the show dailies and host magazine on site in Geneva, Switzerland. Responsible for workflow creation and implementation, newsroom design, equipment leasing, setup and support. Scope included on site support for the editorial and production staff of CMP’s LiveTV joint venture with Compaq and Ericsson. ■ Speaker, Seybold Seminars (CMP Media LLC): “Asset Management: Designer/Publisher Issues” was an in-depth look at asset management from the digital asset originators perspective. The conference focus was on leveraging the huge expenditure in asset management into practices that offer maximum return on investment. ■ McGraw-Hill Acquisition (CMP Media LLC): Key member of the acquisition team responsible for integrating editorial operations of LANTimes, Data Communications, and into CMP’s existing Quark Publishing Systems. In addition to the legal, contractual and technical integration, I reengineered processes, standardized operations and reduced workflow. ■ Lotus Notes Implementation (CMP Media LLC): Task Force Member, Lotus Notes rollout. I was responsible for Macintosh installation, resolving cross platform compliance issues and client training and documentation. Lotus Notes was rolled out to 1,600 Mac and PC customers nationwide in seven weeks.   ■ Brand Identification (CMP Media LLC): Project Manager for rollout of electronic brand identification worldwide. I was responsible for developing a cross-platform standard for a unified look to in-house documents using Microsoft Word templates. Installation included templates, fonts and startup screens displaying the CMP logo. I was the primary liaison to vendors and all departments companywide. ■ Quark Publishing System Integration (CMP Media LLC): Implemented, as part of a three-person project management team, CMP’s Quark Publishing System installations. Direct project manager for InformationWEEK, NetGuide and Electronic Engineering Times. Responsibilities included integration management, equipment specification, ordering and configuration, workflow development, deployment, scheduling, and training. All implementations were completed under budget, ahead of schedule, and realized significant cost savings, as well as facilitating remote production of our publications.    
  8. 8. LANCE CHRISTOPHER ROHDE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––OS X | Windows | SCO UNIX | DHCP | XML | TCP/IP | DNS | PDF | QPS | K4 | Prime Base | Adobe Creative SuiteMicrosoft Office/Exchange/Entourage | File Maker | Open Type | FireFox/Safari/IE | Service Desk | TANSA199 Albermarle AvenueValley Stream, NY 11580Cell: 646.852.2928E-Mail: lrohde@optonline.netPROFESSIONAL REFERENCES: Debra C. Robinson Agatha M. Cutrone Chief Information Officer, SVP Chief Editorial Technology Officer, Time Inc. Hearst Magazines 1271 Avenue of the Americas 300 W. 57th Street New York, NY 10020-1393 New York, NY 10019-3794 Home: 516.781.3338 Work: 212.649.4481 Work: 212.522.7424 E-mail: E-Mail: Joseph Galarneau Carl Rosen Chief Information Officer, SVP, Newsweek Copy Chief, New York Magazine 395 Hudson Street 75 Varick Street New York, NY 10014 New York, NY 10013 Work: 212.445.4000 Work: 212.580.0547 E-Mail: E-Mail: Thomas F. Vincent Lisa Cohen President, Nearly Normal Services Owner, Graphic Design Consulting 1110 Hudson Street 7 Flower Hill Court Hoboken, NJ 07030 Huntington, NY 11743 Work: 201.792.3164 Work: 631.385.0811 E-Mail: E-mail: Scott Dunn Patricia Howlin Chief Consultant, Flux Consulting Director, Publishing Technology (retired) 307 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2204 CMP Media LLC New York, NY 10001 600 Community Drive Work: 212.414.1662 Manhasset, NY 11030 E-Mail: E-Mail: