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Target audience


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Target audience

  1. 1. Target AudienceEd Sheeran
  2. 2. • Ed Sheeran’s target audience ranges fromyoung teenagers to adults in their late 20’s(specifically 13-27 years old), his ‘down toearth’ and ‘back to basics’ melodies/rapsongs even may win over an olderaudience. Being 23 himself allows him toconnect with his audience on a morepersonal level.
  3. 3. • Sheeran is greatly influenced by grime andrap artists such as Eminem and Ghett’s ashe is intrigued and inspired by the way thelyrics flow together and how emotive theproduct can be. This is evident in his musicwhich is a mixture of acoustic pop, folk andhip hop.• Another influence of Sheeran’s is the Irishborn singer/songwriter, Damien Rice whocombines indie, rock and folk genres.
  4. 4. Ed Sheeran is rated highly for being self-promoted and continuing to remain ‘downto earth’ even after finding fame. Afterearning an estimated $6 million in 2012he still continues to wear jeans, tee shirtand trainers to his concerts proving to hisfans that he is still in touch with his fans,and the fame hasn’t affected his personalvalues, this is an artist whose only desireis to sing and play his guitar. This attractsaudiences that are more interested inpersonally inspired music instead of massproduced ‘made for revenue’ music,which appeals to the audience involvedwith indie rock which means he opens uphis music to many different genres, as hisproducts fall under the indie rock, pop andsinger/songwriter genres and as a resultof all this, he is successful and popular sohis products often find the top 10 in thecharts so this opens his music out to abroader audience, as he and his musicbecomes more well known. This allowshis target audience to be very broad as itappeals to more demographically broadaudience.
  5. 5. • Ed Sheeran has collaborated with several world wide famous artists in his careerwhich has impacted and expanded his fan base. Since beginning in his career as asupport act for Example, he has worked his way up through the musicalindustry, allowing him to work with artists such as: Taylor Swift, Devlin, DotRotten, Wiley, Wretch 32, Just Jack, Iglu and Hartly, One Direction, the list goes on.By working with all of these artists, he is expanding his target audience through havingsongs with different artists in different genres which gives a broader audience theopportunity to listen to Sheeran and admire his music.• These collaborations have alsoallowed Sheeran to gain fan basesacross the world, particularly in theUSA and Australia where he hasbeen touring with Taylor Swift.Being a unique, well known Englishartist, and without many similarcompetitors in the USA, hasallowed Ed Sheeran to start hiscareer with a competitive edge andgain a large fan base.
  6. 6. • Ed Sheeran’s self written songs are all about love, life andloss, delivered in soothing melodies and catchy rhythms,he wins over the heart of girls all over the world. Themajority of his fans are female, especially teenage girlswho find his voice audible pleasing.•• However his captivating music isn’t limited to just a• female market, males too are engaged by his soulfulsongs, because they find his narrative relatable to theirown personal experiences. This is important from aartist’s point of view, as they will enjoy this closeengagement with their fans and ultimately become moresuccessful.
  7. 7. 7The above image is a screenshot of the statistics of the youtube video for ‘U.N.I’, which is the music video wewill be using for our product. Based on these results above, as we discussed earlier, you are able to see that thetarget audience is females 13-24 and males 18-24. As this is the same product we are using, we must set ourtarget audience roughly around the same brackets.This has been a useful practice for us, as this has given us a real insight to what our target audience should be.By doing this, we found the age and gender of the audience, allowing us to survey a sample within thesebrackets to find their interests, and then include these interests in the final product, to make the video morepleasing for the consumers.
  8. 8. Target audience questionnaire.Male/Female 46% M 54% FAge Ranging from 15-26 years oldRace 65% White British 15% British Black 15% British Asian5% otherFavourite Genre 43% pop 18% indie rock 27% singer/songwriter12% otherHow many concerts doyou attend per year?10 or more - 12% 5-9 - 54% 1-4 - 29%None - 5%Do you watch music videos? Yes - 66% No - 34%Do you feel affectedby these videos?Yes - 48% No - 31%No preference - 21%
  9. 9. • Ed’s music is widely available on digital technology. It canbe downloaded via iTunes, Spotify and similar softwarewhich is easily accessible on laptops, computers, iPad’s,phones, and other digital technology. His CD’s are alsoavailable to buy in store and online. Sheeran’s songs arefrequently featured on several radio stations, he alsomakes TV appearances, YouTube interviews and hisvideos are played on music TV stations. He has Twitter,Facebook, Myspace and an official website, all this mediaattention allows his fans to keep up to date with hisupcoming concerts and projects. This keeps fans ofSheeran’s satisfied and also as a result of this bringsuccess to his career.• The advancement in digital technology has allowed ourfinal product to be widely available across digitaltechnologies, ultimately potentially leaving our finalproduct being successful.