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The pearl


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The pearl

  1. 1. The Pearl By Johnny Del Jesus
  2. 2. John Steinbeck • The book “The Pearl” is by John Steinbeck. • John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California on February 27 1902. • After high school he went to Stanford University, But left to become a reporter in New York City. • Before his death in 1968 he lived in New York City.
  3. 3. Plot Summary • Kino and Juana live in the border of Mexico with their child Coyotito. • Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion. • The town goes to the doctor and the doctor refuses to cure because they are poor. • Kino finds the pearl of the world. • Eveybody starts to become greedy and Kino is diagnosed with monomania. • Kino and Juana escape the Estuary after the doctor cures Coyotito.
  4. 4. Setting and Plot • Somewhere in the border between Mexico and the Untied States • Period: 1947
  5. 5. Main Characters • Kino (Pearl Diver) • Juana (Kino’s wife) • Coyotito (Kino and Juana’s son
  6. 6. Other Characters • • • • • • • Juan Tomas’ Doctor Butler (Doctor’s Butler) Neighbors Apolonia The pearl buyers Trackers
  7. 7. Moral • Greed can take over you • Be cautious with what you wish for • Try to be who you are don’t be who you aren’t
  8. 8. Scorpions • Kingdom: Animalia • • • • • Eight legs in total Easily recognized by the pairs of pedipalps Narrow segmented tail Venomous stinger Found in all continents except for Antartica
  9. 9. Pearls • Pearls are hard products that are held in mollusk • Made of Calcium Carbonate in minute crystalline form • Perfectly round and smooth • They are gemstones • Comes in white, pink, creambrown, green, blue, black, yellow, and rainbow
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