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What is Programmatic? | Choozle


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Programmatic is here to stay. Interpublic Group of Cos.' buying arm Magna Global projects that programmatic spending will reach $9.8 billion in the U.S. this year, or about 20% of the overall digital-ad market. With this growth more brands are moving advertising dollars to programmatic technologies because of the efficiency and accessibility.

But programmatic buying isn't as complicated as the jargon makes it sounds. Just like any other marketing campaign there are many steps to reaching your brand’s campaign goals. Best practices for campaign success evolve alongside the programmatic market, so it’s important to always fine-tune your campaigns.

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What is Programmatic? | Choozle

  1. 1. The Online Advertising & Programmatic Media Buying Ecosystem February 22, 2016
  2. 2. History of Digital Advertising The Birth of Programmatic 1st Banner 1995 1st Ad Serving 1994 2001-2003 Pop Up Ads Direct Buys 2007 1st Social Media Ads 2008 Current1999-2001 Internet Bubble Tech Crash 20011998 Google Founded
  3. 3. Ready for Programmatic? $10B was spent with programmatic media in 2014, and projected to be $20B by 2016. 87% of buyers to grow programmatic >50% in the next 6 months 72% of brands primarily value transparency in increasing programmatic spend Access to 2M+ impressions in 145+ Countries and across 1M+ Publishers Every Second
  4. 4. What is Programmatic? RTB? Buying media in an automated fashion through digital platforms. Replaces the traditional buying options. RTB is the ‘stock market’ of selling and buying media in real time. RTB is individual and instantaneous.
  5. 5. Advantages of Programmatic 1. Efficiency 2. Targeting 3. Transparency 4. Real-Time Optimization 5. Control
  6. 6. RTB DSP DMP Ad Exchange Win Rate 3rd Party Data Key Terminology
  7. 7. Who Makes Up The Space Demand Side Platforms Data Management Platforms DigitalMarketers Audience Media Planning Performance Retargeting Analytics Creative Optimization Ad Networks Ad Exchanges Campaign Reporting
  8. 8. How Does Programmatic Work? Ad exchange announces available bid to bid manager Bid manager evaluates advertiser’s targeting and bids id it matches Auction of all bids takes place Winning exchange serves ad User visits webpage 100 ms
  9. 9. Why Does Programmatic Matter? Digital advertising used to be bought and sold manually. THEN NOW Digital ad buying is faster, more efficient, and less expensive.
  10. 10. Programmatic Solutions with Choozle • Access to every major ad exchange • IAB standard ad formats DISPLAY SOCIAL VIDEO MOBILE Reach your target audience WHEREVER they are online Play in the now A Highly Responsive, High-Powered Speed Machine • Access to in- app and mobile- optimized web inventory • Every major exchange and SSP • 15. 30, and 60 second inventory • Pre, Mid & Post Roll • Facebook Exchange • Right Rail ads • News Feed ads
  11. 11. the SIMPLE digital marketing platform Learn more at