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Why We Love BBM Groups


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Why We Love BBM Groups

  1. 1. Why We Love BBM Groups
  2. 2. With the birth of BlackBerry smartphones, the BBM wasborn as well. The BlackBerry Messenger is arguablyBlackBerry’s most loved app. You tell your friends aboutthe latest news. You send hate messages to yourenemies. You might have to message your boss in ajiffy. Others try to message a group to share ideas orresolve conflicts. Chatting online on your PC used to bethe trend. But, since the arrival of BlackBerry Messenger,chatting on PCs seems to be a thing of the past. BBMjust requires two things: Your BlackBerry phone and aninternet connection, like just doing it on your PC. Othershave traded in their BlackBerrys and tried other appsbut some still remain loyal to their BlackBerrys and holdon to them because of BBM.
  3. 3. After years of existence, the BlackBerry Messenger hasbecome a trademark. It has become a householdname. BlackBerry Messenger allows you to creategroups. But, with so many apps available online, howcan a BlackBerry user appreciate the BlackBerryMessenger Groups? BBM has remained on top due tothe following reasons: 1. Teams and ClubsAre you part of the local basketball team? Or do you have ameeting in your club? BlackBerry Messenger has been usedmany times to communicate and relay information. BecauseBlackBerry Messenger allows you to organize properly, manyhave used it to share the calendar of activities and the like.Everyone may be notified with the tasks they are supposed todo from the shared list. The group may talk about things beforethey meet in person. If the club president wants to call for ameeting, he may message everyone in no time. It also allowsthe group to share photos and memes. It does not only solidifythe group but also builds friendships in the end.
  4. 4. 2. Share MomentsNo man is an island. No man stands alone and no man talks tohimself alone. That may look and sound creepy. We may havespecial moments in life that we wish to share. We might havewon the quiz bee, won the tennis championship, be hailed asthe debate’s best speaker, or decided to sell your BlackBerryfor a better one. Perhaps, the girl who you have been courtingfor months and you asked to marry you has given you ananswer. All these little yet precious moments in life are notreally meant to be kept in private. BBM groups allow you toshare them fast. Friends would really congratulate you. That’sthe beauty of it.
  5. 5. 3. Coordinating Groups of People BlackBerry Messenger Groups is possibly one of the best ways to keep groups of people connected and coordinated in one place without the need to personally see each other. Chatting with your friends in real time is a fun and simple way of connecting. You can share anything from calendars, lists, and photos to the latest gossips, know-hows, and news. When creating lists, you may assigned persons responsible for certain tasks and let all of you know the tasks completed. Getting people united with BBM Groups is just a treat. Selling your BlackBerry may be something too hard to do.Connect with us! Source: