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What to Read on a BlackBerry


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You can have your own digital library. You don’t need an actual Kindle to read books. You can just download $10 books. I would sell my BlackBerry if I didn’t have this app, which is free. However, what books will you be downloading and reading? Here are some of the best reads of 2012.

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What to Read on a BlackBerry

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  2. 2. If you’re stuck on a very long trip, you imagine thatyou’d be flying away. Realistically speaking, airplanesand helicopters fly; you don’t. You might want to dosomething with your BlackBerry. Probably one of themost practical activities is reading books. The AmazonKindle for BlackBerry allows you to read books. You canhave your own digital library. You don’t need an actualKindle to read books. You can just download $10 books.
  3. 3. Here are some of the best reads of 2012. The Hunger Games • Let the games begin! The Hunger Games became such a phenomenon when it was released in film just recently because of its unusual themes. Basically, the story revolves around a tournament with selected representatives from the 12 colonies of the world. The representatives, usually of young age, fight for their lives as they battle against other representatives. Eventually, the tournament declares one winner in front of a big crowd. • Since the book is not truncated compared to the movie, expect to find more action, more sweet moments, and more drama. The totality of the film is also preserved in the book. So you get more than what the movies offer. This type of book will keep your heels up high in the climatic traffic jam you are in.
  4. 4. Here are some of the best reads of 2012. The Hobbit or There and Back Again • December is fast approaching. Peter Jackson’s rendition of Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a movie worth your time and money. With a very enticing trailer and epic cast, you would really want to know how the story really goes in the book. The story focuses on the Ring’s holder Bilbo Baggins. The adventure started when Gandalf shows a treasure map at Bilbo’s party. Having the idea of adventure, they encounter many creatures like dragons and goblins. This was when Bilbo met Gollum, the once possessor of the Ring. Eventually, Bilbo faced many dangers throughout the story and returned home richer. • Just like Cash for Berrys, this must-read book would surely let you think that flying in the airplane is flying on the dragon, searching for the Ring that rules them all.
  5. 5. Here are some of the best reads of 2012. 1984 • If you have seen the widely-acclaimed and criticized television show The Big Brother, then George Orwell’s 1984 will surely bow down to Big Brother. The story revolves around a dystopian, “utilitarian,” society that promotes things for the common good and suppresses the “evils” of individualism in a so-called progressing society for the betterment of mankind. The Inner Party takes control over their jurisdiction with the omnipotent Big Brother as their leader. Eventually, the protagonist wants to reform its history and society to reveal the truth. • This book will give you a good time reading through a boring car trip to the beach. You might as well decide which party you truly belong to.
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