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Top 8 BlackBerry Cases for Your PlayBook (Part One)


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RIM’s (Research In Motion) BlackBerry trademark has always been associated with functionality and sleek stylishness. Here are five of the best cases for your BlackBerry PlayBook.

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Top 8 BlackBerry Cases for Your PlayBook (Part One)

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  2. 2. Just like most of your tablet or slate devices(e.g., tablet PCs, and smartphones), buying agood protective case is imperative because weall know that a proper case would mean propercare. That’s why, right after purchasing coolgadgets like BlackBerry PlayBook, peopleimmediately look for the cutest, most flexibleand most protective casing out in the market toprotect their beloved tablets from scratches andmarks. But then again, why not get protectionwith function and style, right? After all, RIM’s(Research In Motion) BlackBerry trademark hasalways been associated with functionality andsleek stylishness.
  3. 3. Here are five of the best cases for yourBlackBerry PlayBook. • Originally made in Spain, the Piel Frama iMagnum speaks nothing but business in different fun, yet stylishly serious, colors. It is made exclusively for RIM’s 7-inch PlayBook and comes in Black, Tan, Red, Green and Blue. What makes it special is its authentic leather case that is made with cowhide. It also has a thermoplastic polymer structure that not only makes it perfect protecting your BlackBerry PlayBook from scratches, it also helps maintain your tablet’s temperature (so that’s a ‘no’ to moisture and overheating). Other than that, it also has its own clip, and has a soft leather lining to make it more eye pleasing and softer for your PlayBook. • If you’re willing to pay cash for BlackBerry PlayBook cases that are designer-like, buy this for about $180.
  4. 4. Here are five of the best cases for yourBlackBerry PlayBook. • If you’re a little bit on the down side in terms of money, that’s no excuse to let your PlayBook go to waste and use it everywhere without a case. CaseCrown’s classic flip case helps you access your PlayBook easily (without the fuss of other contraptions) while protecting your gadget with leather that does not look synthetic. Just like a bill fold, you can flip and fold it as it carries your PlayBook with gartered sides. • It also has mini pockets for your last minute lists of things to remember and can be bought for only $27.
  5. 5. Here are five of the best cases for yourBlackBerry PlayBook. • Now we know not everyone is a die-hard for leather cases but you may be a very busy person, so here’s a good idea for you. Unlike most PlayBook cases, it has softer inner design and is more functional with all the pockets inside. • It has pockets and pouches for credit cards, photos and notes and even has a slot for your pen! It looks very chic too because of its portfolio design!
  6. 6. Here are five of the best cases for yourBlackBerry PlayBook. • Yes, we know just how much you love your BlackBerry PlayBook because otherwise, you won’t be reading this! And for those people out there who needs extra protection from natural tyrants like dust, bumps, shocks and drops here’s a case that will definitely kick ass in defending your PlayBook. It’s made of durable silicone and polycarbonate hard shell. It assures your tablet safety with three layers of protection and also gives ultimate functionality with its built-in stand! • If you’re a gamer dude, your cash for BlackBerry PlayBook OtterBox will definitely not go to waste.
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