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Scary Apps for your iPhone


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Published in: Technology
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Scary Apps for your iPhone

  1. 1. Scary Apps for Your iPhone
  2. 2. Happy Halloween! The scary season is about to begin but your iPhonedoes not seem to care. It doesn’t have the apps that can spook all yourfriends. Apps make your phone a better smartphone. You can’t expect yourphone just sit back and watch while you make all the effort of scaringpeople off. Smartphones should be properly equipped with the latest apps,even for Halloweens and other occasions. Some smartphones don’t havevery many apps that are themed accordingly. Blackberry comes to mind. Ifyou happen to have one, sell your used BlackBerry phone and since youwant cooler apps, then buy a new iPhone 5! This way, both you and yourphone will scare your friends to death and you can watch them scream.Won’t that be fun?Download these cheap apps to make your Halloween a night to remember.Those moments you share with your friends – the laughter, screams, tears,and pranks – will be always there. So, spending a little is nothing comparedto the memories you will keep of scaring your crush or your best friend.Here are some of the scariest apps available for the iPhone:
  3. 3. Crazy SkeletonThis silly app will keep you chuckling throughout Halloween. Thisinteractive app lets you shake the skeleton and then the avatarsays something like “Ohh! I feel sick…I’d throw up, but I don’thave a stomach!” There are a total of 18 taglines that are non-offensive and just plain funny so that people from all ages, fromkids to kids at heart, will love this app this season. This is a goodapp to share especially since it’s free.
  4. 4. I-Scare (Scare your friends)You will definitely sell your BlackBerry phone just to get aniPhone to get this app. It is similar to the old Internet scare joke.You look at the screen and you are trying to find the differencebetween two pictures. All of a sudden, the picture of some scarywoman or man appears with a sharp shrill. Since the app offerslimited scary tactics, you need to show it to your friend one at atime. This way, you’ll be able to scare your entire peer group.
  5. 5. Zombie ClockAlarm clocks are common. Since Halloween is coming, why notcustomize your alarm clock and make your wake up call thatnightmarish scream? The trick of this custom app is the start ofthe alarm. It starts off with that peaceful, typical iPhone alarm.Then, it features the hungry undead rising from the grave withloud groans in chorus with other zombies. The problem with theapp is it only works when your phone is turned on. So, you mighthave a hard time making this app work.
  6. 6. Ghost CaptureSell BlackBerry Curve phones and get this app on your newiPhone. You want to scare your friends with a paranormal image?How about freaking them out by placing yourself in the picture?Well, this app is here to help you solve that Halloween dilemma.This app lets you create pictures that are “paranormal” andmakes them look real. You can twist, rotate, distort or doanything your imagination wants. You can even add your friendsand really scare them!
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