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Here’s what to expect from bb10!


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Published in: Technology
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Here’s what to expect from bb10!

  1. 1. Here’s What to Expect From BB10!
  2. 2. Remember how we told you that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha from the BlackBerryJam 2012 was just a practice smartphone to get the app developers revving for theupcoming release of the BlackBerry 10 OS? Well most of the lucky developers arenow scrutinizing their own Dev Alphas and have discovered that it still doesn’t havethe QNX-base.Aside from the virtual keyboard, which is a new incorporation since Research InMotion (RIM) started making and selling BlackBerry in 1999, RIMis also purportedly inthe works of making their smartphone smarter by injecting screen sharing! Yup, thatand a lot of other stuff that we may be seeing in the next BlackBerry smartphonesto come. Leaked screen captures and photos are scattered everywhere onlineand people are abuzz with so much excitement!Take for example a native video editor for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook! Postsfrom forums say the BB10 PlayBook will finally have a video and photo editor bakednatively into the tablet so that you can quickly edit your quirky video before postingit on Youtube. This news is said to be highly probable especially since RIM hasrecently acquired JayCut, web based video editing software. While some of theforum posters at Crackberry think that this feature isn’t really that helpful on a 7 inchtablet screen, we still can’t deny the fact that RIM now has their own editingsoftware which other companies don’t have. Also, who wouldn’t want to have anAVP readily available right at your fingertips?Another leak that Berry lovers are looking at now is the Cinnamon Toast. Peoplealmost wanted to sell used BlackBerry 7 phones just in case the BlackBerry 10 doeslook like the razor-blade looking smartphone with the word BlackBerry as a controlbezel. Apart from the fact that it looks so smart and sleek, the features it may have
  3. 3. are so cool to look at that you’d get the impression it would be better off used thanjust simply thought about. Let’s take the lock function for instance. A lot Androidusers like the unlock pass codes that Android offer where you pass your thumbalong the dots to create a pattern (yup, no numbers or pins). With the newBlackBerry OS, all you need to do is to tilt your phone up! It also eases yoursmartphone needs (and lengthens your battery life) because when notificationsarrive, all you have to do is to tilt it up on a second degree and you’ll see thenotification briefly or tilt it up higher to see more of the notification. To instantly openthe notification or message (if it was indeed a message) all you have to do is toswipe across your smartphone and there it is! This feature is what they call theCinnamon Toast which will only be helpful if you don’t set a password on yourBlackBerry 10. You can also simply slide from the BlackBerry bezel on the bottomupwards (up until you reach 2/3 of the screen) to unlock the smartphone.The best piece of juice we’ve heard so far? They said Screen Sharing will soon beavailable for BlackBerry 10 so that you can now skip on doping Skype and goahead to show your officemates what you have been up to. There are still noconfirmations as to if these leaks are legit, but for now, it’s safe to say that we’reexcited to be selling used BlackBerry phonesfor this piece of shimmy!Source: