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Do not stop believing, black berry fans


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Do not stop believing, black berry fans

  1. 1. It started with a small town girl meeting a city boy on a midnight train.They apparently didn’t know where to go but they knew what theywanted. Love. BlackBerry fans have been around since its first releasein 2003. BlackBerry offers unique features that some of the currentsmartphones still don’t have, like BBM or multitasking features. Thatmay dwindle throughout the years but some still “hold on to thatfeeling.” The strong demand and attachment to BlackBerry phones wasonce called the “CrackBerry.” This phenomenon led to theestablishment of BlackBerry as a reputable smartphone in the US. But,even though many have decided traded in BlackBerry phones, some ofthese users may not have wanted to detach themselves from thatheavenly feel.TheiPhone 5release sure created the buzz for users to switch toApple’s latest addition to the iPhone series. But, some BlackBerrypatrons seem to have been immune to iPhone’s power. Some havesaid that they stand firm for BlackBerry. Some have even expressedtheir excitement for BlackBerry 10 after iPhone 5’s release. Somemembers of’s forum site expressed their undying lovefor BlackBerry. Here are some of the comments:The starter of the forum thread, Sugarmouth sparked the conversationwhen he said:
  2. 2. Gives me even more faith BB10 will have a better chance at success. Apple is behind the curve! They literally announced technology other OS’s have been using for some time. BB10, I am curious.Other members are ambivalent to the issue. Die-hard BlackBerrypointed out iPhone 5’s flaws and why BlackBerry 10 is a cooler phonethan Apple’s, and why BlackBerry 10 is something to look forward to.Even though many insisted selling BlackBerry, member SK 122387sums it up pretty well: The iPhone 5 has cool improvements… but there was nothing [sic] blowingly cool…Sales will obviously be huge. Multitasking is still that “in and out” that Thorsten Heins was talking about, which is painfully obvious if you’re used to using a Playbook, but also use an iPod touch running iOS5 like I do many times a day. iOS 6 looks like iOS5, which looks like iOS4…but I’d say RIM is in a pretty good position to be in, all things considered. Yes, we are BlackBerry fans here, so we’ll defend our device until we die. Along with the BlackBerry lovers however, even some current iPhone users weren’t wowed by the new iPhone. The new device does have some features, but overall the consensus is that it isn’t a huge upgrade from the iPhone 4/4S. I think many iPhone users won’t be making the trip to upgrade just yet.
  3. 3. SK 122387 even pointed out BerryGuy25’s comment: As an iPhone 4S user, personally I can say that I am not enthused at all. iPhone 5 did nothing for me and the biggest thing I wanted to know about was the battery but I doubt its much because the device is so thin. I want a phone thats going to get through the day and my current device cant do that.It may be taken into consideration that most forum membersare BlackBerry fans. However, some are thinking of selling BlackBerryfor thenew release in 2013, and defend it.Source: