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Blackberry Tweet:More Tweet


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Blackberry Tweet:More Tweet

  1. 1. BlackBerry Tweet: More TweetTwitter is a fun app that can sure let you know the latest newspronto. Because Twitter just lets you basically see tweets on thehome page, you get to know where people are, what theythink, and what they want to do. Twitter is best used on theinternet. With many activities at hand, Twitter will make youtweet more times than the birds in the morning. Some even findit hard to detach themselves from Twitter. Good thing there’sBlackBerry Twitter to help your dilemma. Even if you’re faraway, you can still share what you want, what you do, andwhat you think with your followers.
  2. 2. Just recently, BlackBerry released an improved version ofBlackBerry for Twitter. From having the basic functions itformerly had, Twitter for BlackBerry 3.1 has added anddeveloped features. So, when you’re phone is still not thatupdated, you may try selling BlackBerry online. Now, users cansee full-resolution photos from and RIMgeotagged tweets. Product Manager Brian Frank says that the“details view” familiar to Twitter mobile users also make itconvenient to view tweet replies and conversations that fit intothe tweet. In addition, Twitter for BlackBerry 3.1 is able tosupport right-to-left languages including Hebrew and Arabic toname a few.Users may even retweet by simply tapping the retweet button.If you mistakenly retweeted a person’s post, you may press theretweet button. If still not satisfied, you may re-edit retweets totruly express what you feel. That’s a convenient way to sharewhat others think. Surely, the former version was not forgottenwhen the Twitter for BlackBerry 3.1 was improved because theformer’s features are still existing in the newer version.
  3. 3. The Twitter for BlackBerry still does not lose its essence. Thetweet and reply features will still keep you connected with yourfriends. You may upload photos of your most recent familyreunion if you want. Talk to more strangers when you follow thetrending topics on hash tags. You can immediately get directmessages. Posting a link will be not much of a hassle, more orless the same effort as when you sell old BlackBerry.The new Twitter for BlackBerry may be an attempt to still catchup with the staggering loss RIM is currently experiencing.BlackBerry has been struggling to hold on to their current users.RIM can no longer expand their market due to loss of newerphones. When their latest released phones lagged comparedto their competitors, BlackBerry’s hope lies in developing theapps of current available phones at hand. In addition, withapps for BlackBerry 10 open to developers, BlackBerry hopes tokick back when they intend to release it in the first quarter of2013. Twitter for BlackBerry 3.1 is one of RIM’s efforts to keep theties together despite entanglements. Twitter states that around60% of 140 million smartphone users use their app. It may bepredicted that a small chunk of it belongs to BlackBerry.
  4. 4. Connect With Us!However, despite the heavy news BlackBerry has to carry, usingTwitter is still a viable option. In order to use Twitter forBlackBerry, you need to have the following systemrequirements to fully enjoy what it can bring you: 64 MB BlackBerry smartphone 1100 KB of available BlackBerry smartphone memory BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.5 or laterDespite loss by selling BlackBerry or preferring other smartphonebrands, the latest Twitter for BlackBerry is RIM’s dedication thatdespite lags, they’re still ready to tweet back to their belovedpatrons.Source: