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Beautify your black berry bold


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Beautify your black berry bold

  1. 1. No man is an island. We can’t live on our own. Like human beings, our BlackBerrysneed companions too. I’m not referring to us but companions that it literallyconnects with. Accessories are peripherals that enhance the BlackBerry’s featureapps and improve its overall performance. BlackBerrys need accessories to proveto its users that it can be smarter than what we might expect. You don’t expect tolisten better without headsets or talk to your friend without a good microphone.Either way, accessories bring something more than what meets the eye. Theseaccessories may be as simple as your headphones but they truly serve a purpose tomake your BlackBerry easy to use. These can help get more cash for Berrys.Micro SD RIM made BlackBerry Bold a multipurpose smartphone. That’s why people with hectic schedules, like businessmen and top executives, use BlackBerry to keep themselves on track with the activities for the day. These people also need to edit, make, and check emails and presentations anywhere, anytime. You don’t expect them to bring the entire computer. Thus, things as simple as the Micro SD cards can be an essential accessory.
  2. 2. These little giants let you store information, files, messages, and more for easyaccess.The BlackBerry Bold only has one gigabyte for storage. It’s best that you insert theeight gigabyte micro SD to keep most of the important files inside the phone. It maycome with a $60 price tag, but it sure is worth the investment.BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset Calling is the best way to communicate through cellular phones. Calling someone lets you talk in real time and personally discuss things well. However, calling can be the worst thing to do when driving. You don’t expect to hold your BlackBerry Bold in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. You might be handling your own life instead. Quality calls are a BlackBerry specialty but having calls with Bluetooth Headsets are a treat. The Bluetooth headset is useful especially for people who are on the go. You can talk with your friends when driving or when you are walking down the road. If you have really old BlackBerrys, sell BlackBerrys and buy the BlackBerry Bold with your own headset.
  3. 3. A Spare Battery And there came light. Light is something we always wish to see during brown-outs. How would it feel when in the middle of phone job interview, your phone just shuts down? It seems tragic, right? Well your BlackBerry Bolds are not energy- generating devices so expect them to shut down at any moment. The best way to solve this is when you bring a spare battery with you. Batteries are a simple accessory but they can do more than what it looks like. It keeps your BlackBerry alive. So, batteries are an accessory must-have.Accessories really help you use your BlackBerrys effectively. Without these, youmight as well sell old BlackBerry and buy a new one. Just always keep in mind toonly buy what you need.Source: