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  1. 1. Done by: Alia Al-Khater, Reem Fakhroo and Abdullah Al- Hendi
  2. 2. May all people rise for the National Anthem on their knees.Genestasia
  3. 3.  Genestasia, Genestasia, the dearest of all Genestasia...may peace be upon your wall  Genestasia... the land I call my home. youre proud, great and brave.  Genestasia, Genestasia, Forever will your banner wave!Genestasia
  4. 4.  The name of the government is House of Statsia.Genestasia
  5. 5.  Genestasia is being ruled by a president, normally democracy doesn’t include a king/ royal family that would inherit the throne as time passes. Democracy decides the best option of whom will become the president.Genestasia
  6. 6.  By a national election that would take place every 3 years. If the citizens decide the president was a wrong choice, and they need a new leader there will be another election.Genestasia
  7. 7.  The laws might be challenged by the citizens of Genestasia. When the start to protest or dislike a law the government changes it. They laws are changed when 15 citizens of Genestasia complain about it. The laws are all made at the House of Stasia, and use the citizens suggestions to create new laws.Genestasia
  8. 8.  The right of individuals are considered really significant in the Genestasia. The country depends on the people. The citizens needs and rights are put first, before anything else.
  9. 9.  The laws of our country are enforced by the army, they are found in town 3 times a week to create peace among the people in the country, stop riots and bring justice to the land. Meetings are held in the House of Stasia every Sunday to discuss the country issues and try to come up with new decisions in order to prevent civil war and damages to the country.Genestasia
  10. 10.  Only men aged from 32 and over are allowed to attend military training camps.Genestasia
  11. 11. Our economic future will be assured: Keeping unblemished records of the economic history by keeping track of data of the money that was used for the benefit of the countries growth and development in local books. Allow only few partners and allies to participate in financial deals so in case of a great loss, the country wouldnt be affected as much. We will use the people experience in developing a strong model of financial regulation to help lead in the repair and strengthening of the international financial system.Genestasia
  12. 12.  The country will provide financial sector exists to serve the economy to avoid credit crisis that can dramatically weakened the prospects of growth. System will be applied on all of the citizens in participating in small financial transactions with a previous studies on the requirement of the profits in the short time.Genestasia
  13. 13.  No technology (television, satellite, mobiles, desktop) All forms of media must be written No machines used in factories to manufacture any products that will be sold in Genestasia. No imported products are allowed to cross the border.Genestasia
  14. 14. Democratic system and our focus is equality and a fair go for everyone and a hate of technology.Genestasia
  15. 15. Genestasia is located in Europe surrounded situated in between Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland.Genestasia