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Surfrider foundation


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Surfrider foundation

  1. 1. Surfrider Foundation
  2. 2. historyThe Surfrider Foundation was started in Malibu, California in 1984 by agroup of surfers who protest threats to their local surf area at Malibu Point.A history teacher Glen Henning, was inspired by the unity of the 1984Olympics and co-founded the Foundation. Then the organizationcontinued on for years and in 1991, it founded its first chapter. Then theSurfrider Fundation transitioned into a grassroots activist organization whofocuses on beach environments. From 1991 to 1995, the number ofchapters went from 5 to 45, and Surfrider’s increased visibility allowed it toexpand on its original mission and get to work on creating programs thatcould attract more people to do things to save the environment at its tinynational office. The Surfrider Foundation then started their educationalprogram in 500 school nationwide, it helped to expend the foundation andlocal chapter. By now, the foundation employs more 50,000 people andgrows up to a worldwide environment group.
  3. 3. CEO:Jim Moriarty is the CEO of Surfrider Foundation. He is an avidsurfer, entrepreneur and innovator.National Board of Directors:Chairman:Rex CampbellMembers:Paul MaddockBrendan DonohoeGene HardyBarton LynchThe Surfrider Foundation is an internationalorganization, which employs over 50,000members and 80 campaigns around the world,includes in the USA, Europe and other.The Surfrider Foundation has 26 Branches andBeach Representatives across the country.
  4. 4. • Surfrider Foundation Australia is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of waves and beaches. The purpose of the foundation is to protect waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. They do this through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education (CARE). They focuses on environmental issues as water quality, beach access, ocean pollution, beach and surf spot preservation and coastal ecosystem. The Surfrider foundation has strategic plans for their work, such as healthy coasts and engaged activism. The goals of this organization are to increase victories by 10% per year, the effectiveness of campaigns and build their constituency, and the reach of local victories by scaling victories into meaningful policy advancements. They believe every campaign is important and every victory brings they one step closer to their vision.
  5. 5. The location of SurfriderThe Surfrider Foundation started in Mabuli, California, and it gradually expends to aworldwide organization.ThemesBeach Access: 12 CampaignsCoastal Preservation: 20 CampaignsClean Water: 22 CampaignsOcean Ecosystems: 11 CampaignsRise Above Plastics: 25 CampaignsKnow your H2O: 6 CampaignsTotal: 96 CampaignsScaleLocal: 66 CampaignsRegional: 7 CampaignsState: 18 CampaignsNational: 4 CampaignsInternational: 1 Campaign
  6. 6. The Surfrider Foundation raise money through donation, sponsorship and peoplecan be volunteer and a member of the foundation. It also sells its productionsincludes clothing, footwear and accessories to raise money for the foundation.The Surfrider foundation also host event and activities to raise money. Forexample, 11 September 2010, the foundation holds its fifth annual CelebrityExpression Session at First Point, Surdrider Beach in Malibu. They encouragepeople to come to this event , realize the importance of saving beaches andawareness for the Surfrider foundation, every wave they caught and ridded, theevent sponsors Cali Bamboo and Barefoot Wine will donated $100 per wave backto the Foundation.
  7. 7. • The Surfrider Foundation has its own store – Swell that sells surfers gear, clothing and stickers. It helps the foundation to raise money for its campaigns. People can show their support to the foundation and saves environment by buying their products.• The Surfrider foundation makes its goal for the year annually. On the 1st December 2010, the Surfride foundation achieved their goal which they made in 2005 to attain 150 coastal victories. The foundation originally set the 150 victories goal as a way to measure success on the ground. Every coastal victory they achieve, it favors the coastal and ocean environment and improves coastal access. Achieving such a monumental goal is a true testament to our organization and the volunteers who have given up countless hours of their time to help protect our beaches and coastlines for the benefit of everyone, everywhere,” says Surfrider Foundation’s CEO Jim Moriarty. And now the Surfrider Foundation gives a new challenge to itself, it wants to grow their number of victories by 10% annually in 2012.
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