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Beauty of Nature Presentation ABM1

  1. Beauty Zyreen O. Loston Roan C. Bermejo 11-ABM 1 of NATURE
  2. •What is in the Nature? •Importance of Nature •Destruction of Nature
  3.  it refers to the phenomena of the physical world,and also to life in general.  it refers to living plants and animals,geological processes,wheather and physics,such as matter and energy.
  4. There is so much beauty all around us to see,touch,and hear.We should be thankful to God for this wonderful and amazing things.
  5. • Nature is very important because if there was no nature we wouldn’t be alive. Especially trees, they give us oxygen to live and breathe. • Nature is important because we have comfortable clothes made out from animals. • Some animals and plants give us foods.
  6. 1.Supporting services Fundamental natural process that allow the Earth to sustain life, namely soil creation, photosynthesis, nutrient cycling and water cycling. These process make all other types of ecosystem services possible. 2. Provisioning services Benefits extracted from nature, such as food, water, natural fuels and fiber, and medicinal pants.
  7. 3. Regulating services Regulate natural processes and include decomposition, water purification, pollination, erosion and flood control, and climate regulation. 4.Cutural services Non-material benefits that enhance the cultural development of humans, such as recreation, creative inspiration from interaction with nature and the influence of ecosystem on local and global cultures.
  8. Cutting down trees means less water can held on land causing floods,land slide and soil erosion. Removing or adding anything in nature can damage this equilibrium in thousands of different ways.
  9. It can decrease the amount of habitat for birds to live which will lead to a rise in population of pests and insects eaten by the birds, which lead to more crops being lost.
  10. • Lil_Dicky_-_Earth_(Official_Music_Video).mp4 It is encouraging us to love the Earth while reminding the world that Mother Earth is the only home we have.We therefore must do everything within our power to take care of her and protect her. In doing so, they also shed light on the harmful effects of climate change.
  11. Credits      style/travel/222042-bucket-list-nature-destinations-philippines-2019 