Software Testing Career Skill Development on BugDay Bangkok 2009


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Session: Software Testing Career Skill Development
Event: BugDay Bangkok 2009
Venue: Sripatum University
Date: December 19th, 2009

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Software Testing Career Skill Development on BugDay Bangkok 2009

  1. 1. BugsDay Software Testing Career and Skill Development Chalermpol Tuchinda Ekaluck Chaiyaporn Jarunee Leerathanawit December 19, 2009
  2. 2. THAILAND SOFTWARE INDUSTRY in 2550 • IT Turnover 20%, Gen 14% ** • Business grew 14.2% * • Employment 49,770 in 2550 * T h ailan d S W R e so urce p oo l SW Developers & Testers SW Engineers & A rchitect 6,742 14,109 IT Consultant 3,371 Project manager 2,789 BA 2,580 DB admin 4,495 7,533 documentation & Others *Source from SW Park, June 2008 ** Source from Hewitt Associates
  3. 3. Technical Skills Competencies Levels Competency Min yrs of Definition Level Experience Subject matter expert with ability to provide Expert 5 yrs consultancy to the industry. Provide consultancy within organization., Advance Obtain deep in-dept of the technology(s) 3 yrs And business. A go to person within the org Perform their work with minimum supervision Intermediate 2 years and without support from Technical expert. Obtain good level of technical skill to Beginner perform the assigned work. Supervision is 6 mths Required to guide and check the work.
  4. 4. Structure in a Very Small Organization Ultimate decision maker. Provide direction, team Owner/ structure, environment, team management. Sr mgr Performing marketing, sales and providing funds. Perform design, code change with multiple Sr Developer/tester complex components to meet the requirements. Perform coding on small module. Developer/tester Perform debugging or testing small modules designed by others
  5. 5. Structure in a Small Organization Provide Leadership in determining strategic Owner/ Direction, team structure and enabling the right Sr mgr environment for teams to meet business needs. And make all decisions. Perform architecture and design role, and Manager/ manage Team complexity through process Team leader procedure Standards for team performance. Perform design, code change with multiple Sr Developer/tester complex components to meet the requirements. Perform coding on small module. Developer/tester Perform debugging or testing small modules designed by others
  6. 6. Structure in a Large Organization Provide Leadership in determining strategic Senior Management Direction, team structure and enabling right (Cs, Director, MD) environment for teams to meet business needs. And make strategic decisions. Perform resource management to ensure Middle Management productivity and continuity through proper (Manager) procedure & standards. Manage budget, collaboration, and Stakeholder. Make short-term tactical decisions. Perform staff management, PSM and act as a First Level Management change catalyst to the team. Ensuring team (Team Leader) members performance and development. Perform design, code change with multiple Sr Developer/tester complex components to meet the requirements. Perform coding on small module. Developer/tester Perform debugging or testing small modules designed by others
  7. 7. Engineering Career Track Provide Leadership in Technical direction and Sernior Principle, technologies trend, Is an Subject Matter Expert Management Guru In organization and industry. Perform system design, analyst and Middle Test architecture using suitable technologies Management Architect to ensure performance, scalability and stability with cost effective for TCO Perform requirements analysis, detail design First Level Technical of various specialized areas. Mentor teams Management Specialists on technical skills and technique. Focus on Product quality and performance Perform design, code change with multiple Sr Developer/tester complex components to meet the requirements. Mentor developers/testers Perform coding on small module. Developer/tester Perform debugging or testing small modules designed by others O
  8. 8. Comparative Career Roles Roadmaps Cs Principle, CIO Set Strategy Director, Principle Guru (Head of Profession) and Inspire MD Lead Competency Lead Initiate Professional / Manager Architect Senior Manager Influence Senior Management Ensure Senior Technical Team Leader Lead practitioner Professional/ Specialists Advise Manager Enable Sr Developer/tester Senior Practitioner Professional Apply Assit Developer/tester Practitioner Associate Follow Ref BSC, UK Ref SFIA Ref EU eCF
  9. 9. Testing Technical Specialist roles System Performance Software Business BI Automated Integration / Load test Security Process Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist Specialist
  10. 10. Potential Career Related Business Roles Principle, Management Management Guru Manager Architect Program Manager Consultant Sales Trainner Technical Sr Business Team Leader Project Manager Specialists Analyst Business Sr Developer/tester Project Coordinator Analyst Developer/tester O
  11. 11. Sample of Small SW Development Organization Structure (1) Management Development Test Support Product Project Architect Mgr Manager Manager Manager Manager Development Test Support Technical Business Team SA Team Consultant Specialist Analyst Leader Leader Team Leader Sr SW Sr Test Sr Support Engineer Engineer Consultant Support SW Engineer Test Engineer Consultant
  12. 12. Sample of Medium SW Development Organization Structure (2) Operation Manager Application Project Manager Director Sw Software System Analyst Project Application Test Development Specialist Manager Manager Consultant Manager Manager Manager Sr Software Sr System Project Test Sr SW Application Analyst Analyst Executive Leader Specialist Consulting Sr SW System Project Application Software Software Developer Analyst Coordinator Consultant Tester Specialist Software Development Software Analyst Project Application Testing Specialist and design Management Consultant & AMS P
  13. 13. Sample of Large SW Development Organization Structure (3) Management Technical Other functions Director Development Sr Project Sr. Architect QA Director Director Manager Development Support Project Sr Business Resource Architect QA Manager Manager Manager Manager Analyst Management Support Dev Technical QA Team Project Business Consultant Teamleader Specialist Leader Coordinator Analyst Team leader Sr SW Sr QA Sr Support Engineer Engineer Consultant Support SW Engineer QA Engineer Consultant T
  14. 14. Knowledge and Skills Competency Domain & Technical Product Process Customer * Knowledge Knowledge * Knowledge Knowledge English Communication Technical People language and presentation Skill Skill Skill Skill Time Project Analysis Management Management and design Skill Knowledge & Skill Skill Self learning Aspiration Logical Attitude Ethics and and Desire Thinking Development Maturity Opportunity Availability Readiness and Confidence O
  15. 15. Commonly Lacking • The market is becoming increasingly competitive, be ready to demonstrate what most candidates don’t have Fundamental testing principles & techniques Soft Skill: Language & communication Business knowledge Testing specific apps/technology Customer management Agile Testing TDD ART Performance Security Testing Testing tools Test Management* P
  16. 16. Tester Skill Sets • Hard Skills or Technical Skills Mandatory: – Operating systems, networking, database/SQL basic and technical knowledge about the application you are working on (web-based, banking, e-commerce,.. Security) – Familiarity with software programming – Testing methodologies and type (both functional and non-functional test) – Software development life-cycle and testing process – Technical writing Advanced: – Coding or scripting for automated test – Testing and developing tools
  17. 17. Tester Skill Sets (cont’) • Soft Skills: – Logical and Lateral Thinking – Problem Solving – Judgment and Decision Making – Communication and Influencing – Negotiation – Presentation – Project Management – Process Management
  18. 18. Tester Skill Development
  19. 19. Certified Software Testers 140000 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 ISTQB QAI ASQ IIST
  20. 20. ISEB/ISTQB Certification Level ISEB Diploma in Software Testing ISEB Practitioner ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Certificate in Test Test Analysis Management ISTQB ISTQB ISTQB Technical ISEB Intermediate Certificate Test Test Test in Software Testing Manager Analyst Analyst Advanced Advanced Advanced ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing
  21. 21. ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing Offered by ISEB/ISTQB (Part of BSC) Popularity America, India, Europe, Asia Coverage 1. 2. Fundamentals of testing Testing throughout the software life cycle 3. Static testing techniques 4. Test design techniques 5. Test Management 6. Tool support for testing Exam format 1 hour w/ 40 multiple choices question in Computer based exam. The pass mark is 26/40. Fee £149.50 (including VAT) O
  22. 22. CSTE Offered by QAI Popularity America, India Coverage 1. 2. Software Testing Principles and Concepts Building the Test Environment 3. Managing the Test Project 4. Test Planning 5. Executing the Test Plan 6. Test Status, Analysis and Reporting 7. User Acceptance Testing 8. Testing Software Developed by Outside Organizations 9. Testing Software Controls and the Adequacy of Security Procedures 10. Testing New Technologies Exam format Multiple choices and essay
  23. 23. CSTE (2)
  24. 24. A Sample of a Testing Career Track CSTE CAST CMST T
  25. 25. Salary Report 2009-2010 Job Description Years of  Salary Range IT Work Experience (Baht per month) Web Application Developer / 2 – 3 years 25,000 - 35,000 Software Engineer / Programmer 3 - 5 years 35,000 - 50,000+ 5 - 7+ years 50,000 - 60,000+ Software Tester 5 - 7 years 40,000 - 60,000 Business Analyst (liaise between users and 5 - 7+ years 45,000 - 60,000 IT; not technology-specific) DBA (Oracle, SQL-Server) 5 - 7+ years 55,000 - 70,000 Applications Development Manager 8 - 10+ years 70,000 - 85,000+ - with CMM / CMMI experience 8 - 10+ years 80,000 - 100,000+ Source: © 2009, 2010 ISM Technology Recruitment Limited
  26. 26. Software Testing Opportunities and Technologies • Security • Business Intelligence • Multicore Cloud Computing Era • Ubiquitous Computing Devices
  27. 27. China’s View - Talents - The No. 1 Strategic Selection • High qualified human resource development has been listed as a national strategic task and an important measure for that • “S&T Is The First Productive Force” and “Talents Are The First Force Resource” Resource • In the State Next (11th) 5 years plan (2006-2010), a key issue has been listed is how to ‘Construct the IT Talents Highland’ Highland • There is a Serious Gap in Current China’s IT Talents from both Quantity and Quality. Lack of Middle-Level & Senior Professionals Causes a Bottleneck Restricting Our Development • Earlier awareness for that is favorable for us to implement a jump development and aim at a high standard at HRD • It’s Better For Us To Go This Direction More Consciously Right Now Than an Enforced Adoption In The Future
  28. 28. Eleven Professional Columns -- A Learning Paradise For IT Talents • SE Domain: • Software Architecture CMU/SEI, iSQI • Requirements Engineering iSQI • Project Management + Agile/Global PM PMI • Software Testing ISTQB, QAI, IIST • GSE/GSD IAOP • CSDP, SWEBOK IEEE-CS, ACM • IT Domain: • ITSM/ITIL ISEB, EXIN • Information Security CISSP, GIAC • Innovation Domain: • New Product Development PDMA • Innovation Methods Altshuller Institute • Knowledge Management KMPro, KMI, GKEC
  29. 29. India • Ability to follow processes; • Ability to work with a problem until solved; • Aptitude towards problem identification; • Ability to analyse the reason for defects; • Knowledge of testing methodology; testing tools, such as WinRunner, Rational Robot, Silk Test, Web Load, etc. “The market for software testers in India is likely to open in a big way due to the following reasons: - Availability of testers and their use of automated tools. - Indian software testing companies can offer testing services at a fraction of the cost in most other parts of the world. - Quality of deliverables. - Turnaround time for delivery. “
  30. 30. Thank you Q&A