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  • I’d like to welcome all of you to the Social Media presentation today. My name is Zack Willis, and I am the President of Willis Media Marketing.
  • Today I will give you a brief history of Social Media and how it exploded on to the internet sceneHow social media has effected the corporate world, and more specifically the IT industry I will explain how to utilize social media and its benefitsAnd I will guide you on how to start your social media experience
  • In 1971 the first e-mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson (Campbell). Since that e-mail, the social media world as expanded into a much bigger phenomenon.In 1978 the Computerized Bulletin Board System was invented by Ward Christensen and Randy Suess, which allowed users to log on and read messages left by other users, as well as leave their own messages for others (Kampert). At its peak, there were over 60,000 CBBS around the world, with many still existing today (Carlson).Today there are thousands of social media sites, from,, and in the beginning, to the more recent Google+, Youtube, and the most popular of all, Facebook which has almost 1.2 billion registered users (Smith).
  • Social media is a form of computerized social communications that connects a user with others around the world, and lets those users interact with each other.The best part about social media on the internet is that ANYONE can use it. Individuals, businesses, sports teams, government agencies, whoever! It is a completely open form of social communication with the world.Social media is the perfect form of communication that allows the user to express his or her opinion on any topic one could think of, whether it be sports, books, movies, music, or even video games.Social Media is also a great way to share & collaborate ideas with other users who share the same interests.Social media is perfect for the business world, allowing companies to share their ideas with their customers, and get the feedback they need.
  • Social Media has shaped the corporate world into becoming an entity that people are allowed to interact with. Not only has it helped businesses grow, it has also allowed those businesses to be more customer-friendly.A major advantage to using social media is allowing businesses to post open jobs at their company online. LinkedIn is a social network of businesses and individuals looking for jobs. This amazing site lets a business post their job openings, and also allows the individual to post their resume on the site. This way companies can look at individual’s resumes and decided whether they are a fit for their company, It also allows the individual to send their resume to companies that are members of LinkedIn, in order to take the first step in getting hired by a company in their respective field.Social Media has made it easy for businesses to interact with their current, or prospective customers. This way a business can look at any feedback given by the customer on any social media outlet, and take that feedback to do whatever is needed to make a better experience for their customers. Social media also plays a key role in keeping communication with customers intact; showing support and interest in customers keeps those clients wanting to stay with your business. It is also a great way to share any new products or ideas you have, with those customers, allowing them to see how your business is progressing for the future and your future services for those customers.Social Media has played an important role in getting businesses and their brands more awareness around the world. By utilizing social media, businesses are able to reach out to the entire world and share their products with users of all types. Social media can allow a brand name to spread like wildfire all over the social networking world.61% of internet users around the world ages 18 and above use some form of social media, with ages 18 to 49 coming in at an astounding 80%. Those kinds of numbers allow businesses to target their respective audiences in a way that was not possible before (Brenner).Social media exposure has also provided a level playing field for businesses. For the first time, smaller businesses have been able to utilize the same communications forms that big businesses use. In social media marketing, the only companies with any type of advantages are the ones who continue to utilize social media to get their ideas out.
  • Socialmedia is the perfect way to interact with customers of all kinds; whether it be receiving feedback, giving support, finding the current trends in the specific field, or just casually communicating with customers to keep the business’ presence up, social media gives a business the upper hand when it comes to customer relations.As I said in the last slide, a major benefit of using social media is that it creates a level playing field in the business world, allowing companies of all sizes to get their brand out there.One of the biggest advantages of using social media is that it is a low cost of advertising, that gives the business a much wider range of marketing. Utilizing this low cost form of advertising can spread the word about a business all over the world, in a matter of seconds.
  • By choosing Willis Media Marketing you will gain the vast experience and around the clock dedication that our firm has to offer in the field of social media.We will work tirelessly with you to give you the social media exposure you request and deserve. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, or any other social media entity, we will help give NW Technologies the quality exposure it desires to expand the brand, and give the world knowledge of just how great a business NW Technologies is.By hiring WMM, we will continuously give you the exposure you deserve. It only takes one person to spread the word about NW Technologies to skyrocket your company’s image.
  • In conclusion, I have full confidence that WMM can help NW Technologies successfully break into the world of social media marketing, immediately making an impact in the IT Industry.NW Technologies can soon expand its brand, expand and interact with its current and prospective customer base, and at the same time saving money while spreading your products all over the world.I would like thank you for your time, and for listening to this presentation. WMM is very much looking forward to working with NW Technologies to give you the tools to success in social media. Thank you.
  • Imkt120 unit1-willis

    1. 1. +Northwestern TechnologiesAdvertising in the World of Social Media
    2. 2. +The Rise of Social Media History of Social Media Social Media in the corporate world How the IT industry has been effected by Social Media Utilizing Social Media & its benefits Beginning your Social Media experience
    3. 3. +History of Social Media First E-Mail sent in 1971 Computerized Bulletin board system (CBBS) Explosion of Social Media sites Blogging The expansion continues
    4. 4. +Social Media? Social connection that expands the world Anyone can utilize it Individuals Businesses Sports teams Government agencies A way to express our respective thoughts with the world Opinions Ideas Business
    5. 5. +The Impact Social Media Has Madein the Corporate World Job listings for the world to see Customer interaction Brand awareness 61% of internet users ages 18 and above use Social Media 80% of users ages 18 to 49 Level playing field
    6. 6. +Benefits of Utilizing Social Media A more interactive way of getting word out to customers Communicate with customers Feedback Support Trends Level playing field COST EFFECTIVE Low cost – wider outreach
    7. 7. +How to Begin Your Social MediaAdventure Hire a Social Media specific marketing firm Experience Open company accounts on Social Media sites Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube DON’T quit
    8. 8. +Conclusion NW Technologies can utilize Social Media to its full potential Expand your brand Customer interaction is key Low cost WMM hopes to guide NW Technologies in its Social Mediaventure and give you the edge you deserve
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