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Improving The Product Experience: From Sales To Design


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Improving The Product Experience: From Sales To Design

  1. 1. ZUZANA SEKEROVA | PROGRAM MANAGER - EXPERIMENTS Improving The Product Experience: From Sales To Design @SEKEROVA#FITCSpotlight
  2. 2. Fight Club Atlassian @SEKEROVA#FITCSpotlight
  3. 3. AdvocatesProduct Atlassian @SEKEROVA#FITCSpotlight
  5. 5. #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  6. 6. PA Touch proven valuable#FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  7. 7. #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA PA Touch proven valuable
  8. 8. PA Touch proven valuable#FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA Product teams collaboration 2017
  9. 9. Global VolumeCulture Goals #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  10. 10. Global VolumeCulture Goals #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  11. 11. Pre-sales Product @SEKEROVA#FITCSpotlight
  12. 12. We are building a Cloud product. Our goal is to deliver value to customers as fast as possible. We need a feedback loop to match the speed of our release cycles. CHRISTOPHE CAPEL PRINCIPAL PRODUCT MANAGER - JIRA SERVICE DESK CLOUD
  13. 13. Expand funnel What delights and pains users go through when expanding from one product to another? Target insights Evaluator pains How do users evaluate? What features do they look for and where do we fail to delight them? Competition Where do we win? Who do we lose to? #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  14. 14. Out-of-product #FITCSpotlight
  15. 15. #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  16. 16. #FITCSpotlight
  17. 17. In-product #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  18. 18. Focus Intentional and focused. Engage Engage at the right time in the right place. Report daily Deliver raw feedback as soon as it is received. Summary Capture Keep a system of record for your customer engagements. Tag and categorize. #FITCSpotlight @SEKEROVA
  19. 19. Your UX team is a lot bigger than you think If you have customer facing teams you can leverage them today to better understand your users. Data doesn’t tell you why Your customer facing teams can help you answer the question “Why?”. Use smart touch to gain insights. UX internally Use your UX practices internally. Understand each team’s objectives and design the internal experience with those in mind. Takeaways @SEKEROVA#FITCSpotlight
  20. 20. ZUZANA SEKEROVA Thank you @SEKEROVA#FITCSpotlight