The journey of the slovak republic top the eu


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The journey of the slovak republic top the eu

  2. 2. BASIC FACTS ABOUTTHE SLOVAKREPUBLIC• The Slovak republic has 5 403 000 people• Population density 110 people/km²• 86% of its population are Slovak, 10.5 Hungarian and 1.5 Roma, 2% areCzech, Ruthenian,German and Polish ethnic origin.• The political system of the Slovak republic is parliamentary democracy.• The head of State is the President of the Slovak republic – Mr.Gašparovič• The National Council of the Slovak Republic is the supreme constituentand legislative authority in Slovakia consisting of 150 members• The highest authority is the Government of the Slovak Republic• The capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava
  3. 3. BIRTH OF THEINDEPENDENTSLOVAK REPUBLIC• 9th Century AD The Great MoravianEmpire• 1000-1918 Austro-Hungarian Empire• 1918-1938 Czechoslovak Republic• 1938-1939 Autonomy within Czecho-Slovakia• 1939-1945 Slovak State• 1945-1960 Czechoslovak Republic1960-1990 Czechoslovak SocialistRepublic• (1990-1992) Czech and SlovakFederal republic• 1 january 2003 BIRTH OFINDEPENDENT SLOVAK REPUBLIC
  4. 4. THE JOURNEY OFTHE SR TO THEEUROPEAN UNION• 4/10/1993 – The Treaty of Asociation was signed in Luxemburg by the SlovakRepublic and the European Union• 27/6/1995 – Slovak delegation headed by then Prime Minister Vladimir Mečiarformally applied to become a member of the EU at the Cannes Summit• 16/7/1997 – The European Commision published the report arising from theApplication of the Slovak Republic for the Membership of the EU• 30/3/1998 – the enlargement process began in Brussels. The Slovak Republic andthe European Commission exchanged documents Partnership for the Entry andthe National Programme for the Admission acquis communautaire in the SR• 4/11/1998 – the first of the regular Reports of the European Commision regardingthe process of the preparations of the SR for the entry to the EU was published• 28/5/1999 – the Slovak Republic submitted the revised national Programme forthe entry acquis
  5. 5. THE JOURNEY OFTHE SR TO THEEUROPEAN UNION• 13/10/1999 – Publication of the second regular report of the EuropeanCommission recommending the commencement of talks with Slovakia and theremanding 5 candidate countries• 10/12/1999 – An invitation was given to Slovakia to begin talks about the entry atthe EU Summit in Helsinki• 15/2/2000 – Founding of the Enlargement Conference at ministerial level with newapplicant countries• 8/11/2000 – The third regular Report of the European Commission was publishedin which an overall progress of Slovakia was commended. According to the EU,the SR was by this point a functional market economy• 20/11/2000 – Slovakia started negotiations in 16 chapters and completed 10chapters
  6. 6. THE JOURNEY OFTHE SR TO THEEUROPEAN UNION• 24/4/2001 – The speech of the secretary of State ofForeign and the Head Negotiator Ján Figeľ at theCommittee of the Foreign Affairs of the EP inStrasbourg• 15/12/2001 – The European Council in Laeken hasconducted that Slovakia was capable, at the present rateof progress, to complete the entry negotiations by theend of 2002• 18-19/3/2002 – The Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda wasinvolved in negotiations in Brussels with the Chairmanof the Commissioner for the Enlargement GunterVerheugen. The theme of their talks was the final stageof the Slovak preparations for the membership
  7. 7. THE JOURNEY OFTHE SR TO THEEUROPEAN UNION• 13/6/2002 – The European Parliament in Strasbourg passed the EnlargementResolution in which the progress achieved by Slovakia was commended• 21/6/2002 – European Council in Seville – preparation of the initial positions ofthe EU and evaluation of the Enlargement strategy Schedule• 9/10/2002 – The fifth regular Report of the European Commission. TheCommission officially recommended to accept Slovakia and other 9 candidatecountries as members of the EU, the first significant enlargement in the historyof the Union• 25/10/2002 – The EU recommended Slovakia and 9 candidate countries to beaccepted to the Union in the year 2004• 12-13/12/2002 – The European Council had met in Copenhagen and Slovakia andother 9 countries completed their talks about their entry into the EU
  8. 8. THE JOURNEY OFTHE SR TO THEEUROPEAN UNION• 19/2/2003 – The European Commission agreed to the ten new countries becomingMembers of the EU• 9/4/2003 – European Parliament accepted signing of the entry agreement with theSlovak Republic• 14/4/2003 – The Council of Ministers for General and Foreign Affairs agreed to theMembership of the SR and further 9 countries of the EU• 16/4/2003 – the SR signed, in Athens, the Membership Agreement of the EU• 16-17/5/2003 – Citizens of the SR supported the entry of Slovakia to the EU in thereferendum. In their answer to the question:“Do you agree for the SR to become amember of the EU?“ 92.46% participating voters agreed and 6.2% were against• 1/7/2003 – the National Council of the Slovak Republic passed the Agreement ofthe Membership of the European Union
  9. 9. 1/5/2004 – TheSlovak Republicentered theEuropean Union
  10. 10. 1/5/2004 – TheSlovak Republicentered theEuropean Union