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Zedity Premium WordPress Plugin


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The Premium version of the Zedity plugin for WordPress enables you to do advanced things that only skilled web developers could do, while maintaining the same strong concept that drives Zedity, i.e. professional and stunning results without technical skills and in just few clicks! Discover Zedity at

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Zedity Premium WordPress Plugin

  1. 1. Premium Plugin for WordPress
  2. 2. Zedity Premium makes you feel like a web designer...
  3. 3. v2 .0 RESPONSIVE CONTENT SCALING Make your content scale perfectly into responsive designs! + One of the most requested feature is here! To make your Zedity content fit neatly into any device, just enable the responsive option before saving it...
  4. 4. SNAP TO PAGE AND BOXES v2 .0 + Enable snap to move boxes either to the borders of the page or to the edges of other boxes, with “magnet”effect!
  5. 5. 1-CLICK BOX ALIGNMENT v2 .0 + The easiest way to align your boxes to the left, center, right, top, middle, or bottom of the page in just one click!
  6. 6. v2 .0 UNLIMITED CUSTOM COLORS + You can now have an unlimited range of colors by specifying the desired hexadecimal or RGB values!
  7. 7. GLOBAL CONTENT LINK v2 .0 + This feature enables you to associate a url link to the whole Zedity content! Ideal to create banners, buttons, and any all-clickable area!
  8. 8. v1 .5 TEXT & COLOR BOX LINK + Now you can associate links to the text and color boxes like for the image box. This can be useful for creating buttons-like boxes and so on.
  9. 9. v1 .5 HTML5 BOX + Now you can have Widgets, Buttons and any piece of HTML5 code you need, behave just like a Zedity box! The HTML5 box gives you the ultimate power and flexibility, opening up endless possibilities!
  10. 10. CUSTOM FONT STYLES   v1 .3 + Now you can also use your custom text fonts! Just add the CSS code in the Zedity Settings and your fonts will be available in addition to the others.
  11. 11. SPECIFIC BOX SIZE  v1 .2 + Suitable for those cases where you need an exact width or height for your boxes.
  12. 12. FLEXIBLE TEXT LINKS  v1 .2 + Now you have complete control on your text links, with the option to open them either in the same window or in a new one.
  13. 13. IMAGE LINK   v1 .1 + Simple yet very useful feature to add links to your images! With an option to open the link either in the same window or in a new one.
  14. 14. DOCUMENT BOX v1 .0 + This box enables you to include docs like: SlideShare  Scribd  PDF  MS Office  Apple Pages  and others 
  15. 15. v1 .0 HEADING AND PARAGRAPH TAGS + HTML tags (H1,H2,..) are available for a friendlier SEO content
  16. 16. BORDER PADDING v1 .0 + You can adjust the space from the border of any box to give your content a neater look!
  17. 17. v1 .0 MULTIPLE BOX ALIGNMENT + Multiple boxes can be easily aligned: 1. Select boxes (Ctrl+click) 2. Use the ALIGN menu or right click for quick access
  18. 18. MORE VIDEO SERVICES     Youtube Vimeo Dailymotion Metacafe     Justintv Ustream Bliptv Veoh     v1 .0 +  5min Metatube  Tunepk Vine  Coub Snotr Myspace_video
  19. 19. MORE AUDIO SERVICES v1 .0 + Myspace_Music  Reverbnation  Soundcloud  Bandcamp  Shoutcast  Vocaroo 
  20. 20. 100+ WEB FONTS v1 .0 + Add more style to your posts with a wider selection of fonts!
  21. 21. HTML5 IMAGE FILTERS v1 .0 + Add a twist to your images by combining more than 15 filters!
  22. 22. Zedity Premium Plugin for WordPress is available for download at