Campaign Anatomy - Butterfinger #whostolebartsbar


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An analysis of the posting calendar, top posts and overall impact for a CPG campaign.

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Campaign Anatomy - Butterfinger #whostolebartsbar

  1. 1. Campaign Anatomy: #whostolebartsbar Analysis of the tactics and content for a snack food campaign as posted on Facebook Aug - Nov 2013
  2. 2. About This Report Campaigns are some of the best indicators of what’s happening in an industry. They demonstrate a brand’s ability to deliver a consistent message across a number of posts, and usually have relatively budgets poured into them. In our Campaign Anatomy series, we’re dissecting major social campaigns within large consumerbrand industries. Including both high-level benchmark data as well as granular content activity drill downs. Our goal is to give you a thorough breakout of campaign activity in a few minutes, demonstrating the power of Zuum to help you gain a superior understanding of what’s happening in social media in any industry. All data presented is for Aug 1 - Nov 30 2013 unless stated otherwise
  3. 3. Campaign Overview From info gathered on several articles about the campaign, #whostolebartsbar is a 10-city nationwide “search” for Bart’s missing Butterfinger. Fans who spot The Simpsons-themed van can tweet its location for a chance at FREE coupons, limited edition t-shirts and other prizes, including Homer Simpson snowboards, Bart model Cruzer skateboards, Simpsons Kid Robot figurines and a grand prize sweepstakes trip to Los Angeles.
  4. 4. Campaign Duration and Posting Level Posting Frequency Activity is within Aug-Nov range, and only once had more than one public post per day.
  5. 5. What’s The Campaign About? Campaign Topics Reviewing top related terms reveals the most frequent topics and general direction of the campaign messaging.
  6. 6. Top 5 Posts For Total Engagement Engagement is a total of likes, shares and comments on Facebook
  7. 7. Above Average Engagement for Brand and Industry #whostolebartsbar Campaign Butterfinger Brand Industry (8 snackfood brands) Campaign Engagement Post response rates for the campaign average just above the brand’s overall average during that period, but well above the industry average. (Engagement rate is calculated as likes + comments + shares divided by posts + fan count)
  8. 8. Campaign Correlates With Fan Growth Fan Growth Fan growth appears to increase in sync with periods of high campaign activity. Daily Posts chart is for #whostolebartsbar campaign posts only.
  9. 9. Campaign Played Large Role In Butterfinger Calendar Over 100,000 engagements generated; 35% of all Butterfinger brand engagements 100,630 Facebook engagements is a sizeable amounts, especially when compared to brands with much larger fan counts.
  10. 10. A Social Content Strategy Tool For more information about Zuum, please visit our website or contact sales