Unifying Sales and Operations to Drive Scale (Subscribed13)


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Hobsons - Sid Ghatak, VP Operations
Joyent - Laurel Reitman, VP Business Operations

Is your company's growth breaking your processes? Wondering how you can do more without out of control hiring? Come hear how others have transformed their Operations team to create a streamlined SaaS company.

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Unifying Sales and Operations to Drive Scale (Subscribed13)

  1. 1. Unifying Sales & Operations to Drive Scale Laurel Reitman VP, Business Operations
  2. 2. The Nine Keys to Subscription Success $ PRICE   ACQUIRE   BILL   COLLECT   NURTURE   ACCOUNT   MEASURE   ITERATE   SCALE  
  3. 3. Agenda   1.  Joyent  Introduc?on   2.  How  Joyent  Uses  Zuora   3.  Cross  System  Integra?on   4.  Cross  Func?onal  Integra?on   5.  Wrap  Up  &  QA  
  4. 4. 2   High  Performance  Cloud  infrastructure   •  Cloud   –  Joyent  Public  Cloud:                                                 h3p://joyent.com   •  Cloud  Orchestra=on  Middleware   –  Joyent  Private  Cloud:   SmartDataCenter   •  Integra=on  Run=me   –  Node.js,  NPM:                                                                   h3p://nodejs.org   •  Opera=ng  System   –  SmartOS  (Virtualiza=on  Distro  of   Illumos):  h3p://smartos.org   •  Bill  of  Materials   –  h3ps://github.com/joyent/ manufacturing  
  5. 5. Joyent  Product  Offerings   Public  Cloud:   S o N w a r e   a n d   S a a S   Private  Cloud:   Manta:   •  Compute  instances  on-­‐demand  and  reserved   •  Wide  range  of  instance  types   •  Exact  same  code  as  Public  cloud   •  Produc=on-­‐tested  version  7.0   •  Integrated  storage  and  compute  as  a  service  
  6. 6. Item                                                                                                                                                                                       Billing  is  not  integrated  with  NetSuite       Billing  is  not  integrated  with  Salesforce               Invoicing  /Customer  Experience  Gaps                   Pre-­‐Zuora  Gaps  &  Business  Impact   Impact                                                                                                                                                                                   •  Manual  process  to  import  and  reconcile  data   •  Lack  of  visibility  for  Sales  into  customer  invoice  /   payment  status  data   •  Manual,  external  process  to  aggregate  daily  usage   data  for  monthly  invoicing   •  Manually  genera=ng  external  reports  for   customers  to  address  informa=on  gaps  due  to  lack   of  meta  data  on  Invoices          
  7. 7. Project  Objec?ves   Grow:   Flow:   Know:   •  Support  future  growth  with  flexibility  in  billing  models  and  new   product  introduc=on   •  Automate  the  end-­‐to-­‐end  billing  flow  to  reduce  costs  and   improve  customer  sa=sfac=on   •  Provide  360  degree  view  of  customer  to  sales  and  billing  teams  
  8. 8. Summary  of  Integra?ons  Points       Charges     Payment  data         Journal   Entries   GL   Journal  entry  method  used  for:   Invoice/Payments/Adjustment  data   Accounts   Subscrip=on   Products   Invoices/Payments   SmartDataCenter   PRODUCT  CATALOG   SUBSCRIPTIONS  &  AMENDMENTS   BILLING  &  PAYMENT  OPERATIONS   OPERATIONAL  &  KEY  METRICS   TAXATION Usage   Provisioning   Authorize.net   E-­‐commerce   “My.Joyent”   Accounts   Subscrip=on   Products   Invoices/Payments  
  9. 9. •  E-­‐Commerce  Sign-­‐Up  Integrated  with  SalesForce  and  Zuora   •  Free  Trial  Subscrip=on,  Credit  Card  Authoriza=on           My.Joyent  E-­‐Commerce     Experience  
  10. 10. Zuora  Billing  Management   •  Billing  Opera=ons  managed  in  Zuora   •  Zuora  account  linked  to  Salesforce.com  and  NetSuite  accounts          
  11. 11. Salesforce.com  Visibility   •  Sales  reps  see  Invoices,  Payments,  and  Subscrip=ons          
  12. 12. Quickly  Expanded  Por^olio   1.  Launched  with  Joyent   Compute  Service   2.  Added  2  Add-­‐On  Services  and   Manta  Storage  Service   3.  Evalua=ng  u=lizing  Zuora  for   addi=onal  products  include   private  cloud  offering  
  13. 13. Future  Considera?ons   •  Con=nue  to  add  new  Products   –  Training,  SoNware,  Addi=onal  Services   •  Leverage  APIs  for  further  integra=on  into  e-­‐commerce   experience.   •  Addi=onal  automa=on  within  Salesforce.com  to  support  reps   and  account  lifecycle  management  
  14. 14. Q&A   Thank  You!  
  15. 15. Smooth Operator Hobsons Sid Ghatak Vice President, Operations
  16. 16. The Nine Keys to Subscription Success $ PRICE   ACQUIRE   BILL   COLLECT   NURTURE   ACCOUNT   MEASURE   ITERATE   SCALE  
  17. 17. Agenda   •  Introduc=ons   •  Our  Challenges   •  Selec=ng  Zuora   •  Current  Status   •  Expected  Benefits   •  Lessons  Learned  
  18. 18. Introduc?ons   •  Who  is  Hobsons?   We  maximize  student  success  and  ins=tu=onal   effec=veness  to  create  the  world  changers  of   tomorrow.  
  19. 19. Student  Success   30+%  of  freshman  reported  having  financial  problems  that  are  very   distrac=ng  and  troublesome.   2011  Na=onal  Freshman  Ajtudes  Report    –  Noel  Levitz  
  20. 20. Ins?tu?onal  Effec?veness   ➡ Enrollment     ➡ Budgets     ➡ Staffing    Accountability      Diversity/Equality      Comple=on  
  21. 21. Our  World   •  Cincinna=,  OH   •  Arlington,  VA   •  Oklahoma  City,  OK   •  Oakland,  CA   •  Vancouver,  WA   •  London,  England   •  Cheltenham,  England   •  Melbourne,  Australia   •  Sydney,  Australia   •  Kuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia  
  22. 22. Our  Divisions   Hobsons   K12   Higher   Educa=on  (HE)   Enrollment   Management   Services   Global  Sales   Asia  Pac   Central  Services  
  23. 23. Sid  Ghatak   •  Vice  President  of  Opera=ons   •  Responsible  for  all  internal  systems  and  processes   •  Joined  in  December,  2012   •  Launched  Hobsons360  which  includes  upgrades  to:   –  Finance   –  Subscrip=ons  Management   –  Salesforce   –  Commission  Planning   –  HR   –  Informa=on  Technology   •  Formerly  founder  and  President  of  a  consul=ng  firm  that  focused  on   implemen=ng  financial  systems  to  Fortune  500  companies  
  24. 24. Our  Challenge   •  Complex  subscrip=on  business   •  Mul=ple  product  lines  with  complex  terms   •  Services  delivery  component     Data & Systems •  Inability  to  convert  sales  to  revenue   •  New  Book  of  Business  revenue  model   •  Lack  of  sophis=ca=on  in  systems   •  Manual   •  Disjointed   •  Inconsistent   Subscrip?on  Business   Data  and  Systems   Processes  
  25. 25. Subscrip?on  Model                                                                                            Jan                  Feb                Mar   Recurring  Revenue   Beginning  Rate                                    XXX                XXX                XXX   Installs                                                                XXX                XXX                XXX   Removals                                                      XXX                XXX                XXX   Price  Changes                                        XXX                XXX                XXX   Exit  Rate                                                          XXX                XXX                XXX     Other  Recurring                              XXX                XXX                XXX                 Transac?onal                                        XXX                XXX                XXX   Non-­‐Recurring                                    XXX                XXX                XXX     Total  Revenue                                    XXX                XXX                XXX   Ques=on:    How  to   recognize  revenue  in  an   automated  way?  
  26. 26. Complex  Subscrip?ons   •  Handle  all  elements  of  subscrip=on  model  in  one   subscrip=on   •  Simplified  product  catalog   •  Handle  mul=ple  features  including  trials,  delayed   billing  and  complex  ownership  
  27. 27. Evolving  Subscrip?ons   Include   Time   Renewals   Changes   Mid-­‐ Term   Trigger   Dates  
  28. 28. Integra?on   General     Ledger   Systems   Billing  
  29. 29. Where  we  are  today   •  Go  Live  in  12  days   •  Ini=al  issues  with  implementa=on   •  Zuora  services  recovered  well   •  True  partnership  with  Zuora  
  30. 30. Lessons  Learned  –  So  Far   •  Understand  your  business  model   •  Leverage  sales  cycle   •  Document  requirements   •  Monitor  the  handoff   •  Prepare  your  data  
  31. 31. Ques?ons?