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The New CFO: From Geek to Guru [Infographic]


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Today's CFOs are tasked with understanding their markets and business drivers more than ever before. As the focus shifts to the future, more and more CFOs are tracking the success of recurring revenues as the forefront of trends effecting their jobs.

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The New CFO: From Geek to Guru [Infographic]

  1. 1. BUSINESS MODEL Transactional sales One-Lime value Product-centric TOP PRIORITIES As the scorekeeper, numbehcruncher, and guardian of the financiai health of an organization, the CFO once Focused Inventory management: P""""”V °": Worried about reserve A B d cwunun u 11 amounts for obsoiete E E inventory _ Audit and Tax pianriirigl Measure business cumphxnte Farecusung by looking to the past SOFTWARE, BACKGROUND 8: SKILL SET TOOLS, 8- DEVICES 35 "‘ A'"“‘ 1—2 expensive on-premise ERP accounting experience 0, GL applycagyons to: °' "'"3"°‘-’ ‘CPA’ Control expenditures Track Product inventory/ costs V and margin analysis r — Transactional sales , ~ . TOP SKILLS Interpersonal, communication, soundjudgment, and pra| :|em—so| ving THE NEW CFO FROM TO CFO: nie no ianger nieie rinin geeks and spending nay— Q sayers. They must now execute against increasingly compiexr customer centric business rnodeis. Whether 1‘: making cinngee to traditions! business modeis or embarking on new moaeia aacn as ananng or subscriptions. the modcrwday CFO pinys J stiatcgic rain in L! ccrnpanyk Vorig—Lei'ri‘i growth. LUNCH MUSIC ATTIRE Homemade ham Discman D°uHe_b, ea“ed wk WITH MORE KNOWLEDGE COMES GREATER EXPECTATIONS sa"dW"°*' Withiacket (* e><WStar¢*'°d Shir Today's CF05 are tasked with understanding zneir markets and OFCDS from May C°’"P‘"Y the business drivers more than ever iaarara. As the raens shifts rRANsi= oRmIoN - Desktap camputar to the mare, mare and more croa are tracking the success of Chrysier - Spreadsheets aim recurring revenues as the nararrani oftrends aivaaiing their resulted in muiti—day data processing ‘Th. c: oi. »r'n. in n 2,. I . .v (—onii as )» nni i4 / re i-rnr ‘cinriri. iii n I on : rim {v'<ivY) ize. e 'riiaiiiii~ciiii<i. nie (eiir+n. / rin H—~evR—se4iv ii Jobs. The roie has anangea ararnanaaiiy in 20 years. What wiil the next 20 b , ‘, ny(, i_, :,, r'( MV’)r ea rriei i nnrnigii g enmiinnnr fl m iiaii nnnin, Hu*Hs iii, , «H CX>»r: < cI . ,ia‘—nnri , e iii e . n.. nn—» ibw: zuoio