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Support Me! Driving Customer Satisfaction in the Subscription Economy (Subscribed13)


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Before the arrival of the Subscription Economy, Customer Support was often viewed as a necessary evil - the more incidents, the more problems you had. Silence was bliss. In today’s subscription economy, this paradigm has shifted. When a subscription customer is not engaging, they could be a potential churn risk. Marlene Summers, Director of Zuora Global Support, will demonstrate how you can re-define your approach to Customer Support to cultivate long-term customer relationships, which enabled Zuora to support over 500 customers with a 95% satisfaction rate.

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Support Me! Driving Customer Satisfaction in the Subscription Economy (Subscribed13)

  1. 1. Support Me, Please! Delivering Customer Satisfaction in the Subscription Economy Marlene Lee Summers Director, Zuora Global Support
  2. 2. Support  Me,  Please   •  Introduc)on   •  Customer  Support  Paradigm     •  Our  Top  4  Essen)als     1.  Nurturing  Rela)onships   2.  Gauging  Engagement   3.  Success  Formula  and  Key  Metrics   4.  Scaling  the  Enterprise   •  How  Zuora  Can  Help  You   •  Lessons  Learned   •  Q  &  A   A g e n d a  
  3. 3. About  The  Presenter   Background   @Zuora   15+  years  experience  in  Cloud  based  applica)ons  and  solu)on  at   enterprise  companies  such  as  MicrosoR,  IBM  and  VMware.     Academic  focus  in  Computer  Science  &  Applied  Mathema)cs.     3  patents  in  database  modeling.   Career  path:  SoRware  Engineer  -­‐>  Project  Manager  -­‐>  Client  Manager   -­‐>  Global  Support  Director   Joined  Zuora  in  2010  to  build  out  the  Customer  Success  organiza)on.   I  love  this  job!    hap://     Exper=se   M a r l e n e   S u m m e r s  
  4. 4. Zuora  Global  Support   Quick  Facts   •  Provides  technical  support  to  500+  customers   •  35,269  total  )ckets  solved  since  2007   •  95%  all-­‐)me  customer  sa)sfac)on  (96%  in  2013)   •  Daily  (M-­‐F)  New  Tickets  Created:  ~60  -­‐  80,  300-­‐400  weekly   •  40%  )ckets  solved  in  one-­‐touch   •  30%  )ckets  from  Zuora  employees  (on  behalf  of  customers)   •  70%  new  )ckets  created  weekdays  6AM  –  6PM  Pacific  )me   •  13  members  between  Zuora  HQ  and  Zuora  Beijing   •  24x7x365  –  Follow  the  Sun  model  
  5. 5. Customer  Support  Paradigm    
  6. 6. SeDng  the  Stage   Legacy   Before  the  arrival  of  the  Subscrip)on  Economy,  Customer  Support   was  oRen  viewed  as  a  necessary  evil  –  it  was  a  cost  center  required   to  deal  with  problems.   Support  )cket  were  viewed  as  detractors  -­‐  reports  of  broken  items   and  incidents.       Silence  was  bliss.   All  tradi)onal  support  metrics  focus  around  reduc)on  of  total  )ckets,   )cket  deflec)on  and  fast  resolu)on  )me.     Percep=on   Judgment  
  7. 7. The  ShiH   Point  1:   Point  2:   Point  3:   The  Subscrip)on  Economy  has  flipped  the  tradi)onal   Support  paradigm.       Lack  of  engagement  by  a  subscriber  is  not  an  indicator  of   happiness.   When  a  subscrip)on  customer  is  not  engaging:     •  Customer  may  not  be  using  your  latest  features.   •  You  are  not  able  to  upsell.   •  Customer  could  be  a  poten)al  churn  risk.      
  8. 8. Adapt   Subscrip)on  companies  need  a  new  aqtude  and  approach  to   Customer  Support,  cul)va)ng  rela)onships  with  the  base.       Customer  Support  is  the  front  line  for  fostering  this  rela)onship  with   your  current  customer  base.       Subscrip)on  companies  need  repor)ng  and  metrics  designed  with   subscrip)on  success  in  mind.     Point  1:   Point  2:   Point  3:  
  9. 9. Customer  Success  is  our   #1  corporate  priority  –   our  success  depends  on   the  success  of  our   customers.     Not  all  customer  requests   should  be  viewed  equally.     Smart  and  sensible   growth  plans  that  align   with  corporate  priori?es.     Define  our  success   formula  and  key  metrics   to  baseline,  benchmark,   trend  and  share.     Nurturing   Rela=onships   Gauging   Engagement   Success  Formula  &   Key  Metrics   Scaling  the   Enterprise   R E D E F I N I N G   C U S T O M E R   S U P P O R T   Top  4  Essen=als  
  10. 10. Nurturing  Rela=onships   Point  1:   Point  2:   “Mission  Moments”        Mul)ple  channels:     In-­‐Applica)on,  Chat,  Voice,  Email,  Support  Portal,  Screencas)ng   W H A T   W E   D O  
  11. 11. Nurturing  Rela=onships   Point  3:   Live  support  when  you  are  working:  Monday  –  Friday  in  all   )me  zones!    On-­‐call  and  launch  coverage  on  weekends.     W H A T   W E   D O  
  12. 12. Classify  support  requests  into  two  main  categories     •  Ques)ons  &  Tasks  –  Good  (Posi)ve)   •  Problem  &  Incidents  –  Bad  (Nega)ve)   Goal  seqng  based  on  type:     •  Reduce  percentage  of  Problem  and  Incident  type  )ckets   •  Improve  resolu)on  speed  on  Ques)on  and  Task  type  )ckets   Type   Tickets  2013   Resolu=on  Time   Ques)on   39%   2  days   Problem   35%   3.5  days   Task   22%   1.5  days   Incident   4%   1  day   Gauging  Engagement   Point  1:   Point  2:   W H A T   W E   D O  
  13. 13.  Use  dashboards  with  real-­‐)me  analy)cs,  baselines  and  trends   Success  Formula  &  Key  Metrics   Point  1:   Point  2:   W H A T   W E   D O   Make  adjustments  to  business  processes  based  on  your  data.    
  14. 14. Success  Formula  &  Key  Metrics   W H A T   W E   D O   Point  3:   Decide  what  maaers  and  priori)ze  being  successful  in  those  areas.  
  15. 15. Scaling  The  Enterprise   Exponen)al  customer  acquisi)on  and  support  request  volume  requires  insighuul   transforma)on.       W H A T   W E   D O   Point  1:  
  16. 16. Define  and  iterate  on  key  internal  processes  to  maximize  efficiency.       Invest  in  agent  knowledge  and  career  development.     Integra)ons  connect  us,  powering  rapid  response,  informa)on  access,  change   control  and  repor)ng/analy)cs.   W H A T   W E   D O   Scaling  The  Enterprise   Point  2:   Point  3:   Point  4:  
  17. 17. How  Zuora  Helps  You  
  18. 18. Nurturing  Customers   Tip  #1   Tip  #2   Tip  #3   Create  Accurate  and  Intui)ve  Invoices     •  Deflect  call-­‐center  traffic  from  confused  customers       No)fica)ons  &  Callouts  with  Communica)on  Profiles   •  Renewals  (reduce  chargebacks)   •  Payment  method  expira)on   •  Payment  Method  Account  Updater  service   •  Automa)c  Retry  Logic   Customer  Self-­‐Service  Portal   •  Allow  customer  to  subscribe,  upgrade,  change  payment  method,  etc.     •  Payment  op)ons  (monthly,  quarterly,  yearly)         T I P S   &   H O W   Z U O R A   C A N   H E L P  
  19. 19. Gauging  Engagement   Tip  #1:   T I P S   &   H O W   Z U O R A   C A N   H E L P   Zuora  transac)ons  define  your  engagement  and  sen)ment.   Type   Zuora  En=ty   Posi)ve  Engagement   Successful  Payment,  Renewal,  Upgrade,  Usage   Nega)ve  Engagement   Failed  Payment,  Expired  Payment  Method,  Cancella)on,  Downgrade  
  20. 20. Success  Formula   Tip  #1   Tip  #2   Tip  #3   Z-­‐Repor)ng:  Insight  into  the  health  of  your  customer  base.   T I P S   &   H O W   Z U O R A   C A N   H E L P   Knowledge  is  power.  Learn  from  others.   Support  Portal,  Knowledge  Center,  User  Groups.  Compare  best  prac)ces  and   share  ideas.        
  21. 21. Scaling  the  Enterprise   Tip  #1   Tip  #2   Tip  #3   Our  infrastructure  is  mission  cri)cal,  reliable  and  scalable.         15X  improvement  in  concurrent  subscribe  calls.       Integra)ons  are  cri)cal  to  a  healthy  eco-­‐system.    Zuora  SOAP  and   REST  API  enabling  your  best  of  bread  applica)ons  to  interact  and  run   your  end-­‐to-­‐end  business.     Monthly  new  feature  releases.  Zuora  listens  to  customer  feedback,   enhancing  our  product  every  month.       T I P S   &   H O W   Z U O R A   C A N   H E L P  
  22. 22. Lessons  Learned  
  23. 23. Lessons Learned Point  1:   B E S T   P R A C T I C E S   Point  2:   Point  3:   Embrace  the  shiR.    Educate  your  organiza)on,  set  proper   expecta)ons.     Vendor  selec)on  and  cross-­‐func)onal  buy-­‐in  are  cri)cal  to  your   success.     Experiment,  measure,  iterate.   Best  Prac)ce:  Be  data  driven.    
  24. 24. Q&A   Thank  You!