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SubscribedUK: Doing Business in a Subscribed World


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Zuora customer, Firehost, explains to the SubscribedUK audience how in the Subscribed World, everything is driven by the relationships you have with your customers.

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SubscribedUK: Doing Business in a Subscribed World

  1. 1. Doing Business in a Subscribed World Ben McCormack Director of Operations, EMEA
  2. 2. •  Our mission is to provide the most secure and high performance cloud hosting solutions for mission-critical deployments around the world.•  We provide fully managed security and support, offering the most transparent service and tools in the industry.•  Facilities in Dallas, Phoenix, London and Amsterdam Brands That Trust FireHost
  3. 3. Doing Business in the Subscribed World•  Market Readiness SMB ENTERPRISE They get it and are You need to take them happy to use it on the journey•  Evaluate your target market and their acceptance to subscription models
  4. 4. Seeing Through Your Customer’s Eyes •  See the cycle of your customers’ business in real-time •  Engage in real-time conversations with your customers •  Open the door to future business opportunities •  Route to trusted advisor •  Subscription Business Model = Intimacy With Customers
  5. 5. Giving Your Customers Real Choice •  The model gives your customers real choice •  The choice to increase or decrease their business with you •  The choice to stay or go •  Focus the whole company around the customer and their experience •  Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  6. 6. Living in the Subscribed World•  Your product is no longer static and bound by yearly or longer development cycles •  Customers benefit from each and every release•  You must take customers on the product evolution with you•  Communication is key•  Always be anticipating •  Take your product to where customers need to be with every release
  7. 7. + Time to Implement 1 Month More Customers to Bill Instantaneously More Transactions Instantaneously Expand Internationally Instantaneously•  We have done all of the above at the same time: 200% annual growth•  Zuora removes the roadblocks to growth •  Allow billing engine to rapidly scale in multiple dimensions •  Delivers ‘One Truth’ view across legal entities and countries•  Zuora can support FireHost to $100M and beyond •  No billing system changes
  8. 8. Thought For The Day•  Offering a Subscription service can put you in an amazing position with your customers “ With great power comes great responsibility” – Voltaire 1832
  9. 9. Thank YouBen McCormackDirector of Operations, EMEA