Subscribed 2014 Keynote - The Subscription Experience by Zuora


Published on Subscribed 2014 Keynote
Featuring Tien Tzuo - Co-Founder & CEO of Zuora
Speakers from: Adobe, Deloitte, Thermo Fisher, Telecom New Zealand.

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Subscribed 2014 Keynote - The Subscription Experience by Zuora

  1. Subscribed’14 Tien Tzuo | Co-Founder & CEO | Zuora @tientzuo @zuora
  2. Welcome to the era of Subscriptions
  3. A world where subscribers are In control
  4. Products | Service | Pricing They are informed
  5. Social | Mobile | Global They are connected
  6. 80%Customers demand new consumption models They buy their way - The Economist 2014 Pricing | Services | Add-Ons | Delivery
  7. Personal Real-Time Immediate fulfillment On Going Value Memorable Services Expectations have changed
  8. Customers today expect subscriptions
  9. This requires a new customer view Purchases Usage Local Pricing Promotions Adjustments Add-Ons Payments Products Customer Moments Name Email Phone Company
  10. Every industry is shifting
  11. Media Technology Software Lifestyle Transformation Finance Food  But the winners are Reinventing…
  12. The Subscription Experience.
  13. $1599ALL YOU CAN FLY! NO HIDDEN FEES! 233%Annual Subscriber Growth A New Travel Experience
  14. 10MPaid Subscribers A New Music Experience
  15. 68%Of traditional newspapers added electronic subscription plans A New Media Experience
  16. “The market for subscription-based consumer goods is set to explode” A New Retail Experience
  17. 2BOnline Learners A New Education Experience
  18. A New Internet of Things Experience
  19. The world is being reinvented
  20. You are the reinventors
  21. You are reinventing all parts of our lives
  22. And it’s working
  23. 600M Customer Moments 20MPayments Processed In 12 Months Your customers are busy subscribing 5.5BPieces of Customer Data Consumed
  24. 408K Pricing Plans Launched $24B Contracted Invoice Volume Your business is growing 15M API Calls Per Day
  25. Meet the Reinventors
  26. Meet the Reinventors The Gambler // Ben Shields Deloitte
  27. Meet the Reinventors The Builder // Tom Salmen Telecom New Zealand
  28. Meet the Reinventors The Explorer // Mark Field Thermo Fisher
  29. Meet the Reinventors The Gambler // David Wadhwani Adobe
  30. 4 Stories 4 Heroes 4 Companies 4 Industries
  31. Subscription Experience Building a new  
  32. An experience that Delivers trust
  33. An experience that delivers continuous value
  34. An experience that is anywhere and real-time
  35. An experience gives personalized control
  36. An experience that delivers unique customer moments
  37. An experience that builds lasting relationships
  38. Reinventors are creating experiences that build deep relationships with subscribers
  39. How do you create your subscription experience?
  40. Tailored Pricing Tailor pricing to deliver a personalized experience
  41. Multi-Channel Carry your relationships across all channels – anywhere, real-time
  42. Subscription Journey Design a subscription journey that delivers continuous value
  43. Branded Touchpoints Treat billing and payments as branded touchpoints
  44. pay their way – any method Global Reach & Payments Let customers any currency
  45. Scale & Automation customer interactions Manage millions of
  46. New Revenue Recognition A way new to recognize revenue
  47. Subscription Metrics New metrics to measure the health of your business
  48. Modern Accounting Breaks double entry bookkeeping
  49. Experiment & Perfect business again and again The freedom to reinvent your
  50. What is the system you need?
  51. Is it ERP?
  52. Is it CRM?
  53. It’s Relationship Business Management
  54. COMMERCE Tailored Pricing Subscription Journey Multi-Channel BILLING Branded Touch points Global Payments Scale & Automation FINANCE Revenue Recognition Subscription Metrics Smart Accounting RBM
  55. RBM allows you to create your unique Subscription Experience
  56. This is why we Built Z-business 6 years in the making…
  57. Subscriber Identity Record Multi-channel Infinite pricing flexibility Quoting & configuration Guided selling Revenue recognition General ledger alignment Accounting close tools Audit controls Subscription metrics Billing automation Invoice personalization Payment automation 14 gateways, 100+ countries Global taxation C O M M E R C E B I L L I N G F I N A N C E S C A L E S E C U R I T Y C O N T R O L C O E X I S T E N C E Z-Business: Z - B U S I N E S S P L A T F O R M
  58. Today’s Announcements
  59. I have peak demands I need scale
  60. I have multiple regions, business units, departments I need control
  61. I need protection, confidence I need security
  62. I need coexistence “Big, legacy ERP being ripped apart and is almost dead.” - Gartner
  63. 80 Public Companies 50 over $1 Billion + 12 to IPO in 2014 1500+ Global Leaders
  64. SCALE   CONTROL   SECURE   COEXISTENCE   nine  The only RBM solution for the enterprise
  65. 375orders per second 306orders per second Capacity Booster
  66. Reference Architectures
  67. 400syncs per second Z-Connect Powers integrations to other systems
  68. Two-Factor Authentication
  69. IP Address Restrictions
  70. Fine Grained Permissions
  71. Data Access Controls
  73. nine  Capacity Booster Reference Architecture IP Address Restrictions Two-Factor Authentication Z-Connect Permissions Data Access controls SMTP Trust Z-BUSINESS
  74. Three strategies for Subscription Success
  75. the community
  76. SCALE   CONTROL   SECURE   COEXISTENCE   nine  The only RBM solution for the enterprise the tools
  77. S U B S C R I P T I O N The blueprints
  78. Create your unique Subscription Experience
  79. Thank You