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Subscribed 2016: Do You Really Know Your Customers


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As a business, you are collecting loads of customer data. But are you making the most of it? Learn how Insights, Zuora's customer analytics module, can reveal new data and trends to help you deliver more meaningful customer experiences.

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Subscribed 2016: Do You Really Know Your Customers

  1. 1. Using your subscriber data to gain focus, achieve results, and scale for success Jason Hubbard | VP Marketing, Cirrus Insight Kevin Suer | Product Director, Zuora Insights Rachel English | Director, Customer Success, Zuora Insights Do You Really Know Your Customers? Using your subscriber data to gain focus, achieve results, and scale for success
  2. 2. Jason Hubbard | VP Marketing, Cirrus Insight Kevin Suer | Product Director, Zuora Insights Rachel English | Director, Customer Success, Zuora Insights
  3. 3. agenda do you really know your customers? page 03 achieve results bring your customers into focus scale across your whole team
  4. 4. page 04 Kevin Suer Product Director Zuora Rachel English Director, Customer Success Zuora Jason Hubbard VP, Marketing Cirrus Insight meet today’s speakers
  5. 5. cirrus insight your inbox perfectly integrated with salesforce
  6. 6. cirrus insight in two numbers page 06Based on average Cirrus Insight customers’ Salesforce organizations. roi based on 3.5 hours saved per week per user of cirrus insight 700% boost in salesforce adoption when using cirrus insight10x
  7. 7. Zuora Insights was built for the Subscription Economy, where enduring relationships with customers are the key to success. zuora insights why it’s important
  8. 8. Bring your customers into focus
  9. 9. the challenge, part 1: customer data lives everywhere page 09 CRM Your team is profiling and interacting with prospects and customers Analytics Your customers are visiting your sites, searching for you, and consuming your social media Spreadsheets Your team is analyzing your subscribers Marketing You’re promoting your brand and products Product Your customers are engaging with your product every day Zuora Your customers are signing up and paying for subscriptions Data WarehouseYou’re storing lots of detailed information about your customers Customer Support Your customers are getting help from your customer care team
  10. 10. how do you determine healthy customer behavior? how does it differ from at-risk customers? what should you do about all of it? the challenge, part 2: the right customer focus
  11. 11. how to: put your data together in a pipeline page 011 pull together customer data from all of your systems on a regular schedule ingest create a place to permanently store all raw data for future- proof analysis store match and blend your data sources and create meaningful metrics that connect the dots transform surface engaging visualizations and trends, segment your customers, and enable alerts and triggers use
  12. 12. how to: look at data with the most leverage page 012 Subscriptions, products, rate plans Subscription data Invoices, payments Payment data Application usage, website visits Usage data Profile, interactions, tasks, campaigns CRM data Cases, tickets, ratings, escalations Support data Email, social, ads Marketing data
  13. 13. Name Email Address TRADITIONAL CUSTOMER RECORD SUBSCRIBER IDENTITY RECORD Engagement Behaviors Interactions Trends Metrics Orders Invoices Payments how to: deepen the “subscriber identity” Profiles Subscriptions Lifecycle Personas Comparisons
  14. 14. Dynamic membership Timeseries visualizations track segment trends Flexible query tool Multiple data sources draw from rich criteria set how to: broaden perspective with segments
  15. 15. how to: insights product demo
  16. 16. Achieve results
  17. 17. cirrus insight we lacked visibility into customer data page 017 Customer data was siloed in Salesforce Our usage data was siloed in Mixpanel Our silos made it difficult for us to be proactive
  18. 18. zuora insights has helped us get the visibility we need page 018 Insights segments have helped us group customers based on behavior. Segments Account dashboards pull together key information in a single place. Account Dashboard Insights models offer reliable measures of account engagement. Accurate Models Our sales reps can access data about accounts right from Salesforce. Salesforce Access
  19. 19. cirrus insight we wanted to optimize trial conversions High volume of trials We were experiencing a very high volume of new trial accounts for our product. Prioritize sales team focus We wanted a way to help prioritize which trial account sign-ups we should have our sales team focus on. “As a boot strapped startup we had to find ways to sell smarter that allowed us to scale with limited resources”
  20. 20. trial accounts that converted to paid49% new trial accounts in last year14,000 account executives managing all trial accounts7 cirrus insight results
  21. 21. cirrus insight we wanted to retain more customers page 021 annual contracts Our company was 2.5 years old when we adopted Insights and with annual contracts, preventing churn was becoming a bigger focus for our organization. smart operations With limited resources we couldn’t build out a success team big enough to touch all accounts. customer targeting When we launched Insights, we had no Customer Success team, we didn’t have a good way to identify accounts to target.
  22. 22. grew csm team members in last year 3 training sessions conducted 400+ additional revenue from add-ons & upsells $500K cirrus insight results
  23. 23. unified compliance results page 023
  24. 24. bizlibrary results page 024
  25. 25. Scale across your whole team
  26. 26. Customer Success - Prioritization “Can you help me identify the customers at risk of churn so I can save them?” your teams have different questions page 026 Marketing - Engagement & Targeting “Can you tell me who my most engaged customers are?” Sales - Upsell Identification “Can you help me identify my expansion opportunities?” Product - Optimization “Can you tell me what parts of the product customers use the most?” Finance - Planning & Analysis “What do we need to do to hit our corporate objectives?” put subscribers at the center
  27. 27. you work with customers in many ways; meet them where they work page 027 Email Your team is interacting with your customers over email. Social Your customers are interacting with you on social media. Phone Your team is having phone conversations with your customers. In Person Your team is meeting in person with your customers.
  28. 28. your logo cirrus insight automating the csm team check up emails sent automatically to at risk accounts. automatic emails 01 alerts and Salesforce tasks automatically assigned to success managers. instant alerts 03 dashboards utilized to assess health of account and review with organization’s admin. health dashboards 02 after implementing, success plan results are measured and reviewed. measureable results 04
  29. 29. demo: insights in your team’s workflow
  30. 30. introducing cirrus insight inbox apps page 030
  31. 31. final takeaways page 031 01Put your data together in a data pipeline 04Broaden perspective with segments 02Look at data with the most leverage 05Have customer data meet your team where they work 03Deepen the “subscriber identity” 06Insights can help
  32. 32. how to get insights page 032 contact your zuora account executive Your Zuora account executive will walk you through the process of exploring Insights for your organization. email our product specialist, amanda.olsen@zuora.comAmanda will connect you with the appropriate contacts to start the process of exploring Insights. or,
  33. 33. Check out Zuora Academy for more great info and actionable advice. All the info you need to build and run an amazing subscription business.