Cure recurring payment headaches (webinar)


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Subscription payments always will be an ever present management headache, especially when trying to grow your business. From dealing with expired credit cards, to handling payment disputes accurately and efficiently, there are many pain points to deal with. Do you want to learn how to eliminate your payment processing headaches?

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Cure recurring payment headaches (webinar)

  1. 1. Eliminate Recurring Payment Headaches Featured Guest: Merchant e-Solutions1
  2. 2. Meet the Panel Kuldeep Misri Kevin Gallagher Product Management General Manager Z-Payments E-Commerce Twitter: @Zuora Twitter: @_M_E_S
  3. 3. Multi-Channel All Cards Types US and InternationalOur Mission: All-In-One, Superior Payment ProcessingDevelop: Complete: Serve:State of the Art Payment Payment Gateway, Award winning,Processing platform- not Merchant account and 24x7x365 In-houseoutsourced. reporting all-in-one Customer SupportWe look forward to improving your payment processing experience.
  4. 4. Building the Next Great Enterprise Software CompanyZuora Signs Over $1 Billion InSubscription Revenue In Q1 Built by Experts Used by Leaders
  5. 5. The World is Shifting From Products to Services Technology Transportation? Retail? Music? A Video? Voice? Legal? Healthcare?We call this the Subscription Economy™
  6. 6. The Subscription Economy Requires a Completely Different Approach to Building Businesses BUY NOW Customer Focus is to Sell Units (Long-term, adoption, loyalty) Plan BasedBilling/Pricing is SKU Based (Editions, Bundles, Usage) Commerce is One-Time Recurring Transactions (Subscription, add-ons, renewals) Finance is Backwards Forward Looking Looking Metrics (ARR, MRR, Churn, Renewals)
  7. 7. This is Why We’ve BuiltGROW: FLOW: KNOW:To help you build your To help you run and To give you the rightsubscription business and flow your subscription metrics to optimize yourgrow revenue. business processes. subscription business.Our Mission: Help you succeed in the Subscription Economy Built with the Foundational Elements Every Subscription Economy Company Needs
  8. 8. The Subscription Management Platform Quotes Commerce Billing Finance Pricing, Quotes, Subscription Orders, Rating, Invoicing, Advanced Accounting Close, Audit Add-Ons, Renewals Amendments, Renewals, Billing, Payments & Payment Controls, Summary Journal inside Salesforce Hosted Commerce Pages Operations, Taxation Entries, Deferred Revenue Platform Account Management Administration (Users & Roles) APIs AppExchange Certified 360 Subscription Catalog Customization (Custom Fields) Notifications & Callouts Managed Packaged Reporting & Metrics Multi-Currency & Locale Data Export & Import PCI Level 1 Compliance SAS 70 Type II Ecosystem CRM Systems Payment Gateways Accounting/GL
  9. 9. 6 Common Recurring Payment Headaches9
  10. 10. Headache 1: “It takes me way too long to get approved for a merchant account.” • Solution: MeS offers Zuora customers a responsive, transparent approval process to speed up the on-boarding of new merchants. Reviewed & Approved
  11. 11. Headache 2: “I need to contact 3 different parties when a payment fails.” • Solution: MeS is a full stack payment service provider, with a single point of contact and white glove service.
  12. 12. Headache 3: “I have signed up a new customer, but their first payment fails due to an invalid credit card number or failed address verification.” • Solution: Pre-authorize credit card before saving it in Zuora using verification only & enhanced AMEX.
  13. 13. Headache 4: “My payments operations processes are too manual and cannot scale.” • Solution: Zuora offers basic and advanced payment capabilities, custom payment terms, credit balances & other advanced payment operations out of the box.
  14. 14. Headache 5:“My payment acceptance cost are too high”• Solution: MeS and Zuora offer the ability to accept ACH which is cheaper than credit cards. Plus, there is no additional gateway cost.
  15. 15. Headache 6: “I don’t have full visibility into my accounts receivables” • Solution: Zuora & MeS provides complete visibility from invoice to cash, including payments, refunds, exceptions & credits.
  16. 16. Q&A16
  17. 17. Get Your Free Analysis today! Call Toll Free (888) 898-7693 The All-in-One Payment Processing Solution! If we cannot save you money, we will give you a $100 VISA Gift Card.  FULLY INTEGRATED - No additional coding required Contact US  SPECIALIZED- In card not present & recurring payments Today!  COMPLETE - Gateway and payment processing in one  ALL CARD TYPES- Authorization and settlement for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners & China Union Pay  EASY RECONCILIATION- Authorization, gateway and funding are provided by one vendor  YOUR APPROVED- Applications approved in 2 business days or less  FREE GATEWAY- No set up fee, monthly fee or per item fee  ONE CALL- For service, chargebacks & training  SUPERIOR REPORTING- 5+ years real-time guaranteed  AWARD WINNING SERVICE For more information call 1 (888) 898-7963 or email
  18. 18. Sign Up for a Free Trial at