Building a Better Business (Drillboard)


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Drillboard’s CEO Tim is a huge football fan with a vision to share coaching solutions around the world. He is making this vision a reality by turning his UK start-up into a scalable, profitable and agile business through the power of the subscription economy. With Zuora, Drillboard can avoid difficult and time consuming billing processes and manage multiple currencies, international taxation laws and innovative pricing models; allowing them to focus on their passion – giving coaches easy access to drills, tactics and analysis and ultimately, share their love of the game.

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Building a Better Business (Drillboard)

  1. 1. Building a Better Business “How I turned my passion for football into a successful SaaS business” Tim Gentles CEO
  2. 2. DrillBoard Agenda 1.  DrillBoard Introduction 2.  Why DrillBoard Uses Zuora 3.  Our Top 4 Subscription Essentials 4.  Wrap Up & QA
  3. 3. DrillBoard Mission E M P O W E R C O A C H E S T O F U L F I L L T H E I R P O T E N T I A L
  4. 4. 4 I c o n B a s e d D r a g a n d D r o p E a s y t o U s e Simple First Step
  5. 5. Powerful Technology IN GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY RECOGNIZING     the best of the best A tremendous example of innovation DR MICHAEL NEWBERRY, MICROSOFT Scalable by: •  Sport •  Geography •  Service
  6. 6. Team Tim  Gentles:         Hank  Steinbrecher   Raymond  Verheijen  
  7. 7. Proof of Concept – FA Wales ELITE National Squads Football Development Officers PRO UEFA B to Pro Coach Education Courses GRASSROOTS Level 1 and 2 Coach Education Courses •  Consistent Communication – Internationals to Grassroots •  Extended to all coaches doing FA Wales Courses UEFA Pro – Level 1
  8. 8. Soccer Side of the Pond Seattle FC v Portland Timbers 67,000 Attendance Dallas Cup $30M for local economy LA Galaxy David Beckham $120M US Men 13th in FIFA Rankings Anson Dorrance 90% Win Record Over 33 Seasons NBC - EPL 2013-2014 Giant Sub Culture 25M Players 100M Fans World Cup 2010 Sam’s Army > England Fans
  9. 9. Brandi Chastain, 1999 Women’s World Cup Final MomentousMovementforWomen’sSport
  10. 10. Why DrillBoard Uses Zuora Background P L A T F O R M O V E R V I E W Business Model The Challenge •  Cloud based solution •  Aim: global visual language for soccer •  Roll out additional modules and sports •  B2B + B2C •  Channels: Clubs and Associations •  Direct: Self-service and boots on the ground •  Modifying pricing •  Tracking and forecasting financials and key metrics •  Add new products and services •  Scale rapidly and globally (tax and currency issues)
  11. 11. Subscription Ecosystem V A L L E Y E X P E R T I S E E S S E N T I A L When I think of online sales I think of Amazon, huge infrastructure, big warehouses, lots of stock to manage, people intensive – how are you going to cope with that? “   ”  
  12. 12. TheNineKeystoSubscriptionSuccess $ PRICE   ACQUIRE   BILL   COLLECT   NURTURE   ACCOUNT   MEASURE   ITERATE   SCALE  
  13. 13. Pricing and Packaging Flexibility F L E X I B I L I T Y C R E A T E S D Y N A M I S M Client focus Visibility Lean  start  up  methodology  -­‐  perform  faster  tes6ng   Get  an  earlier  steer  on  Customer  Acquisi6on  Costs   Price  according  to  what  our  customers  demand    
  14. 14. Nurture I T I S A L L A B O U T R E L A T I O N S H I P S •  So#ware  as  a  Service   •  Infrastructure  to  manage  rela3onships   •  Time  to  focus  on  so#er  skills   •  Develop  deep  rela3onships  and  nurture  
  15. 15. Previous  accoun6ng  tools  weren’t  geared  up  to   account    for  a  subscrip6on  business   Performance  vs  key  metrics   Being  set  up  to  forecast  and  report  quickly  and   accurately  is  essen6al  for  investors   Account Visibility Investment Account G R E A T D A T A P O W E R S S U C C E S S
  16. 16. Soccer Side of the Pond Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground Boots on the Ground Sales Tax Varying by State Remote Sales Team
  17. 17. Lesson Learnt Surround  yourself   with  experts   Best  Prac3ce:  Ask   ques3ons     Build  for  Scale     Best  Prac3ce:   Implement  early   infrastructure  to   drive  growth     Experiment,   measure,  iterate   Best  Prac3ce:  Be   data  driven   1 2 3
  18. 18. Q&A Thank You! TimGentles Twitter:@DrillBoard