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Mobile Review

  1. 1. Mobile ReviewsBy Zunair Kler, Dominic Littlewood, Lauren Hill,Zack Loveday and Muhammad Jelal
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing WatchReviewwww.mobilemarketingwatch.comBy Zunair Kler
  3. 3. iPad minis Begin Arriving Ahead ofSchedule ReviewMany iPad buyers were excited today due to the iPad Mini arrivingbefore schedule. Even though it has been on sale for two weeks, theshipment date was supposed to be around the 21st November butbuyers have been receiving their iPad mini on the 15th November. Onereader said that he received his before 10am and he loves it. It is alsoexpected that the majority of iPad buyers will receive their iPad Mini’saround the 16th November.The iPad mini (Wi-Fi model) has been on sale for two weeks now, onlythis weekend will the iPad mini with 4G connectivity go on sale. In earlyNovember the opening weekend of preorders created three million salesfor the both iPad mini and the new iPad 4. Apple hasn’t providedinformation into how many 4G – ready models of the iPad Mini havebeen ordered.Full report @
  4. 4. Digital Media and MarketingPlatformsDominic Littlewood
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing Magazine I read the article called ‘The Advent Calendar With A Mobile Twist’. The articleshows some interesting facts and statistics about the new surge in mobilemarketing and m-commerce. The article is bases about the particular use ofmobile bar codes and how brands and retailers have embraces barcodes fortheir marketing for advertising and promotional campaigns.With this surge in popularity a campaign where a letter sized advent calendarcontaining 24 windows was sent to 3.5 million homes in Austria. Within eachwindow of the advent calendar there was a print of a brand logo along with theirweb address, with the development of the mobile barcode this meant theycould apply a barcode within each window of the calendar which would put theconsumer in with a chance of winning daily prizes such as a chance to win€500 (£420) and a prize draw for an Opel Meriva car worth €21,000.The campaign wasn’t only potentially beneficial to the consumers but alsoinformative as it had a guide on how to use mobile barcodes within thecalendar which therefore will be beneficial for the future of mobile marketing asthey could now target a crowd who were aware of how to access theiradvertising and promotional methods. The overall campaign has beenanticipated as being a big success which is demonstration that there is growthof mobile marketing appeal.
  6. 6. MobileMarketingMagazine.comReview of ArticleBy Zack Loveday
  7. 7. Article Review From the research conducted at – they have found that over half of 18-34 year olds are mobile shoppers; a more recent study showed that 55% use their mobile to compare prices in store at least once a week. Similarly, a social ad platform known as RadiumOne produced a survey and found that 54% made a purchase on their mobile within the last six months. In addition, 50% of mobile users used their mobile to share offers with friends. Another study showed that 47% of people have clicked a mobile ad in the last three months – this research proves to large retail companies that an increasing number of people are beginning to make purchases on their phones, which in turn will increase mobile advertisements. In conclusion, I feel that the results of the survey shed light into how brands can communicate and interact with ‘one of the most mobile and influential consumer groups of our time’ - this is another way in which brands can improve their relationship with its customers and manage it efficiently.
  8. 8. Can Mobile Ad Networks Slow The Spread ofMobile Malware?Lauren Hill
  9. 9. Mobile MalwareMobile malware is now poised to pose an epidemic-level threat to themobile community unless more drastic steps are taken. Cybercriminalsare now losing interest in PCs & laptops and are focusing on the newchallenges associated with infiltrating mobile devices.The Android OS is the most popular target for writers of mobilemalware. The mix included SMS-sending malware, mobile botnets,spyware, and destructive Trojans.Pressure is now mounted on mobile ad networks to step up their gameand crack down on this issue. But so far not many have. One companywhich has is Airpush. It is second largest mobile ad network for Android,and has just teamed up Appthority for the purpose of integrating itsmobile security technology into the Airpush platform.As a result, all advertiser app promotions and URLs are now scannedremoving malware on over 50,000 apps.
  10. 10. Mobile Game MarketingAdvertising in mobile games is a huge opportunity available for businessesand suggested to grow rapidly over the next one to three years. Some ofworld’s largest brands such as, Coca-Cola have launched a mobile game inIndia called "Thumbs up Everest--" a rock climbing adventure that includedweekly prize giveaways and a top-score board. The results were that 350,000games downloaded each week.Asia-Pacific countries lead the way for mobile game advertising opportunities,with 28 percent of consumers playing downloaded single-player mobile gamesat least once a week, according to Parks Associates research. Here in Europewe lag behind with only 13 percent, downloading mobile games.Recent research show that mobile phone owners want to do more with mobiletechnology, and game playing ranks high on the list. Wider deployment of 4Gnetworks and additional investment from game publishers, and devices thatare more powerful will all improve the mobile gaming experience.Why are advertisers interested in mobile games?Demographics are certainly one reasonIn the U.S, reports indicates mobile games are downloaded at a rate of fivemillion per month35 percent are in the 18-34 male demographicIn a recent Mobile Entertainment Forum survey, 60 percent of respondents feltmobile games were "perfectly" or "very" suited for advertising. Additionally,around-game sponsorships are a cost-effective way to create positive brandassociations without disrupting game play and without the cost of custom
  11. 11. How to Own the Customer Experience in the Store by Engaging with Shoppers through Your Branded App With the new demand for mobile marketing the need for retailers to develop a rich, unique mobile shopping experience through the interaction with their customers smart phones will allow consumers to easily and conveniently search, browse and buy anytime and anywhere was the first step in a rich mobile strategy. The next major strategic initiative is enabling location-based technology in retailers is to engage customers and gain a deeper understanding of their wants and needs. With these apps retailers can become aware of their consumers and take this opportunity to immerse the consumer directly and efficiently as they know the consumers needs and there in store shopping behavior. This interaction can drive sales, increase loyalty of the customers and get some results about their customers wants and needs for future sales and promotion.engaging-shoppers-through-your-branded-app